Tired of being crew locked by people who ram me on my own team

Just took off, instantly got my Gripen rammed into the ground by an F-15. Got a message telling me it is what I deserved for “being on an inferior device”. I am tired of it.

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Lol he rammed you for playing on console? Think it is time for you to invest in a PC ;)

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I come back and all I see is a toxic response. What will you do when your expensive gaming pc breaks? At least I can replace an Xbox much easier.

its a joke man, relax. You want me to cuddle you instead? lmao. What a jerk

You expect me to think it is a joke when I see many, many, many elitist comments on a daily basis? The amount of comments I get that would be described as elitist is absurd.

Yesturday i was in my lf spitfire, when some dick head decided to buzz the runway from airspawn and took my wing off, it resulted in my crew being locked for 6min

Why dont you post about it to your buddies on your ‘War thunder players union’ I dont give a damn. Hell you are pretty annoying, I am starting to think you deserved what you got, or I might just do it myself if I get the opportunity lmao.

Man that is fucked up lol. How much is that in repair costs?

12000+12000+12000=36000 (a third person died after the video ended)

Yeah that guy should get penalized lol

I dislike the war thunder players union. I am just in their squadron getting squadron rp. I actually hate them since a vast majority of them despise console players

Now you see what what I mean. Imagine being in the Gripen flying at Mach only for a teammate to clip(ram) you, ripping your wing off, forcing you to fly all the way back to base and get nothing for the match besides somehow landing the insanely damaged aircraft. Not to mention the teammate who rammed you took no damage and got multiple kills

Crew lock should have been removed 10 years ago.

No you are a jackass man, I dont care what you do, keep me out of your crying

I agree considering today I have been crew locked numerous times by the server teleporting my aircraft into the ground because of packet loss.

How about you shut up you scum