Tire / Track Marks

Why are they so inconsistent despite having them on max (Very High and terrain deformation as well)?

Sometimes some Vehicles don’t leave Tracks behind at all, other times they randomly stop for 100-200m and then appear again, other times i can follow someones Tracks for 500m or so and then they just disappear which is really annoying especially when trying to hunt down an Enemy through a lot of Bushes/Trees

I think that might be due to the anti cheat, and how war thunder renders tanks/tank tracks. It makes me believe that tracks are client side, and only render when a tank is rendered on your client.

Correct me if i’m wrong please.

But why would it then show me some Tracks for up to hundreds of Metres when im not even seeing or hearing the Enemy Vehicle but other times they just randomly stop, reappear (sometimes not) etc. no matter if the Tank is closeby, whether im seeing it or hearing it.
Usually it doesn’t matter but when it does its really frustrating to have this happen.