Tips for the M60A1 (AOS)?

I’ve recently unlocked the M60A1 (AOS), do you all have any tips for the vehicle? So far I’m loving it but I’m struggling getting more than one kill.

Use its APDS.

Don’t go for the ammo on T-54s the fuel tanks will make your penetration inconsistent. Disable then kill preferably shoot high on the Driver to kill him and the two crew behind him so you one shot.

Shoot the left side of the Leopard 1 to kill its Driver / Two crew members behind it.

Use HEAT-FS on light tanks and the MAUS if you see it.

Don’t rely on your armor.

Don’t rely on your mobility, your reverse speed is poor, only extend if you believe you can reload before the next follow up shot.

You have better gun depression than Russian vehicles. Use it.

You can take in 38 shells. I recommend 30 APDS / 8 HEAT-FS unless you have your crew experted in which case Take 28 APDS / 2 smoke / 8 HEAT-FS.

try and be in a hull down position any time you can and try to fire at center mass (sides are preferred) ,lower frontal plates, and turret sides.

Honestly just suffer its meh at best

I enjoyed it.

Use ridgelines, and hull down positions.

Its armour isnt great, but whos armour is at that BR?

I prefer the HEAT to the APDS, but I take a stock of both just incase.

Its a 2nd line support tank, not great at being on the front lines. I play it relatively cautiously