Tips for enjoying the game Needed STAT!

the only thing im really attempting to do is grind out the silly 8.3 spaag china has alongside getting a lineup for 8.3, and i dont know if its the skill defficient na players im playing with, or my tiredness, or chinas just plain old only sorta alright tanks, or even my own non caring attitude that the fascistic mods here want to instill on all, but im just really not having much fun, should i use a full lineup even if its sorta horrible and has one medium tank thats just a t-54?

I just try to enjoy each match without focusing on grind. I have some 8.0 tanks in Germany unlocked, but I haven’t played them yet. I just focus on getting all modifications and trying out the various tanks. I play a lot of countries too. Very distracted with battlepass. Grinds are good in short bursts like during anniversary or during event, but it is shortcut to demoralization.

Matches fluctuate so much. Sometimes your team is helpful, cooperative, and saves you. Sometimes they work against you constantly. Sometimes the enemy gets you. Sometimes the enemy feeds you kills.


Do something productive IRL like work out, cook, clean, etc. When you grind, you are playing the part of the game Gaijin wanted to be the most annoying/painful so you will pay money. It’s not meant to be fun. The trick is that playing the game and grinding are the same action, but you stop playing when you’re bored and you keep playing when you’re grinding. If you’re not having fun anymore, you are not playing, and there’s no fixing that by playing more. Stop grinding, do something productive, and reward that activity by coming back and playing again.

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well actually working out would be anti productive for me i prefer it as a money sink, also i dont know if i can feel bored, ive grown too much apathy to be able to differentiate me being bored from me being a bit tired, maybe unmotivated or the like, anyways im sure itll come back eventually if i keep smashing my head against the brick wall, yknow at first it was quite nice actually!

stop playing, come back later

war thunder isnt a job so dont treat it like one

i should probably get used to crushing my soul and spirit before i actually have to ho out into the job market so this is a worthwhile exercise in how much a worker can take before theres no other options

lol . . all I can add is try not to add any more pressure on yourself than the game already does. Yeah, we ALL want the bigger, better, mo’ faster shiny new stuff. And many think that top tier is the promised land or end game, but really . . . there is so much more to the game than killing yourself to get to top tier. I would just suggest finding some “sweet spots” where you can go and just play for fun . . . tier/BR don’t matter . . jsut play to have a good time, regardless of how the game goes . . win/lose . . doesn’t matter . . grinding is not even a consideration . . just fun gameplay. It is a game . . have fun. I have been playing almost 10 years now and I mean everyday. And I thought I’d be a “collector” when I started paying(it was a lot easier and even doable back then . . .lol), but I have found that is an impossible goal in the game now. So I quit “grinding” for specific vehicles a long time ago, because all I have left are high tier, expensive vehicles that I most likely won’t play anyway. So I went to just doing the Warbond Shop Daily tasks and when they introduced the Battle Pass . . that’s basically all I do now. Pretty simple Daily tasks, some Special tasks and Challenges . . obtainable goals without having to kill myself . . that is fun for me . . find your own thing . . . and do that whenever you get the “beat down” feeling.
I hope that may help you some . . .
Good Luck

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