Tiny Tim in Ground Arcade

Flying toward several bunched up targets. Hit 4. Nothing happens. Flying toward ground. Hit space. Nothing. Spam hit 4 and space as nothing happens and crash.
What in the world???

Try pulling up

Why wouldn’t they fire? Are Tims a different binding?

Not for me - same as all other rockets which is 4 for singles, and for me “Delete” for the whole salvo.

If you were using number pad then was it numlocked?

try using your secondary weapon keybind

4 should’ve fired them. Check your keybindings.

If you’ve assigned 4 to something else and hit ‘‘replace’’ you’ll have cleared every control that used 4, not cleared the control that you assigned.

My rocket is mb5 for salvo its space mb5

Clearly its the tiny tim nerf we have all been wanting…


It should be 4. This has happened sometimes in some vehicles, and I have no idea why.

from what i know the only other possibilities are a weapon selector issue, safety fuses and whatnot, or an issue with the computing - either lag or a bug

Try reset the controls if you can.

Try on vehicle test drive…with any rockets…not sure if you can find tiny tims on some test vehicle…(i am not on console, so can’t test right now)