Tiny Maps at Top Tier

I hate small maps
I hate city maps

All I get are small variants of maps or CQC city maps at 11.7 ground.

Add more options to ban maps, or filter maps.

This more than anything ruins the game. Your horrible map design and rotation. No matter what vehicles come we are forced to play the same shit maps over and over.

I’m sick of it and I’m J’ing out at match start and I’ll wait for the crew lock to go away. Eventually I’ll get sick of that and I’ll just quit.

Your recent map reworks just shrunk or ruined maps that were fine or not in need of adjusting at all.


Unfortunately it seems that the direction is clear: close-quarter maps and converting open maps to be close-quarters.

I believe they should copy dcs growling.sindwinder server it would make the game more realistic and i agree maps are too small but id also argue the take-off looks bad so copying dcs would be a benefit too


It would be a dream, they would finally do a good job, the current maps are terrible, and people are shooting from one spawn to another or there are plenty of places to camp. the even better thing would be a map with a dynamic campaign, so that based on the results the map always changes and the theaters of war evolve. but maybe that’s too much to ask for a game like this


This how top tier maps need to be. This really feels like a tank battlefield and not like playing COD with tanks. Peple can actually play long range fight with distances of more than 3 km which is great and tank armor plays actually a role. Other players can flank or go into the city for brawls. Even air is more balanced since tanks are spread out more.


^ I love this map. I only wish it has a bit more open, the giant mountain region in the center limits you to one side or the other really. But yeah, they desperately need to make all top tier maps like this one!

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These small maps dont show in preferred maps in games mode selector. We need options to like bigger maps etc. Would help if players posted screen shots of small aps with there lines ups

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We shouldn’t stop here, 2024 has to be the year Gaijin re-works all the legacy 10+ year old maps that aged poorly for top tier. Give us the ability to ban more maps, fewer CQC and city maps for top tier rotation and new maps that aren’t just the same 3 lane formula.

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War Thunder’s maps are too small for high tier. Gaijin has failed to reconcile WW2 map design / High Tier map design so instead both eras suffer.