Tiny BR adjustments are in dire need

Seriously… In my view, heavy cruiser version of scharnhorst is not weaker version of scharnhorst though…

Battlecruiser is more like super heavy cruiser in my view than pocket battleship or fast dreadnought at least that’s what i thought

IF i say its BIGGER version of Graf Spee it might be a bit more accurate BUT Graf Spee don’t have large torp reserve and limited usage despite having similar firepower to Scharnhorst…

To be more accurate i would say its a combination of Hipper’s defensive capability & Graf Spee’s offensive capability… Sadly i don’t think Kriegsmarine have ever built any ship with both these capability on a heavy cruiser aside from Battlecruiser Scharnhorst

IF Germany DID, please share the ship’s name IF its spec is similar to Scharnhorst but more AA gun or more secondaries…

This one post would be the last one from me…
My next comment/suggestion would be on my personal Post about Lowest Reserve Bluewater Fleet some day.

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Bots do not fire torpedoes I guess.

Why did you bring up Scharnhorst into discussion about Hippers, then?

Hipper really isn´t comparable to Scharnhorst in any way. So bringing up Scharnhorst up is completly irrelevant.

Why do you even talk about the year of commision? That is completly irrelevant same applies to refit. We are comparing perfomance in game so bringing up years and refits which aren´t in game is pointless but if you want compare Hipper to some other designs from same year I can bring up Helena which is easily superior to Hippers.

I would again like to ask how should the Hippers be buffet since you think they are unfairly nerfed.


yeah maybe dont compare ships of vastly different classes because all you get is incoherent mess.
Basically all you wrote is plain wrong and does nothing to justify 6.0 for hipper.

IF you played war thunder 2 years ago when you played 4.7 destroyer for 1st 5 matches, you ended up facing off against hipper & the like that time, then you know how buff hipper was just like when graf spee got added 1st 6 months back then…

Noted… Still… its my last post on this part due to my experience facing off against such beast (hipper) that time… I’m off this topic after this reply…

Forgot to add 1 last part of this… a few months later after i played 1st few 4.7 DD, then i got 5.0 light cruiser hms enterprise & trenton, hipper has been nerfed already due to graf spee’s addition…

Like i said, if any of you have light cruiser & played against hipper b4 September to December 2019, then you know this fact…

Again thanks for reading this post & point out my lacking & mistakes on certain part…

I mean hipper is still buff against 4.7 destroyers, same is graf spee so not much changed here, but there is no point to suggest BR raise just because some ship dominates vessels 1.0 BR lower than it. With how compressed naval is, it is pretty much a rule that in full uptier you can barely scratch enemy ship. So with that said you need to only compare ships of same BR or 0.3 difference. And hipper is definietely one of the best 5.7s but if it would be the worst 6.0 and by a large margin

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Well, you can one-shot an HMS Colossus (which is a 6.7 vessel) with the Eugen. Not too bad, eh? If full uptier, go for torpedoes is my advice. I´m surprised how seldom I see other players chosing a decent destroyer to fight the big bums. Fun-fact, your survivability will be a lot higher than in a battle against other destroyers :).

In this update you can ammorack every battleship with 20cm AP round. All you need is the right distance and good amount of luck. Now, tell me, how many times you will get that and how many times the said battleship will demolish you with one salvo. So no, eugen doesnt magically do better in uptiers lol

Well, you can lol as much as you like. I never wrote of Eugen being magically excellent in uptiers. In a different post you wrote “Hipper is one of the best 5.7s but it would be the worst in 6.0 by a large margin”. When 0.3 br difference matters that much, the entire br-system is in shambles I´d say.

and it is not

as I was saying

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Try RB in full uptier with good torpedo-destroyers. You will make nice kills and survive better than battling with guns against Scharnhorsts and Kronshtads.

No doubt I will, but only due to the fact how many bots and premium newbies are in RB these days. But anybody who will be changing the course and speed of his ship regularly will avoid torps by hundreds of meters and anybody with aim will easily one or two shot said destroyer.

Also prinz eugen doesnt meet ny of those ships since they sit on 7.0. Do you even know what are you talking about?

Obviously I don´t know anything about naval RB and all the kills were done by my grandchildren. Oof.

When PE faces downtier enemies, it takes 5 or 6 ships to take her down. It is much to OP to be facing 4.7s. I also will say that I don’t have a problem with her at 5.3-5.7 and up, but could go either way. I believe OP is completely justified in saying PE is a 6.0 Vessel.

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PE should not face 4.7s such as Frank Knox or Sumner. I honestly believe PE could take on at least 5 or 6 4.7s at once and come out victorious.

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PE and Hipper are definetly weaker than 6.0 cruisers like USS Broken. These well placed, very fast firing tripple turrets of these 6.0 cruiser classes will dispose any Hipper class ez. Also consider placement of crew modules and placement of the magazines. Its almost not possible that a Hipper survives a duel with Broken/Cleveland/Myoko etc.

Naval damage mechanics are changing alot over time, so I don’t know whether this has been somehow changed within the last year or so… But we tested that quite a while back: Static shotout between different US cruisers and Hipper class. US often even won this test while only controlling secondaries (main turrets had forced AI autofire at this time, but this was hardly precise).

Long story short: US and Japanese 6.0 CA are far, far above the Hipper class. Thats why both Hippers are 5.7 BR and can’t have the same BR as those USN/IJN 6.0’s.

Fair enough. I would certainly not argue with you on that. Although if you were to recreate that same test with US 4.7 DDs, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Hipper class was victorious against all of the US DDs at the same time. I suppose BR decompression is a very complicated process for the entire Naval game mode, but maybe some changes with MM could be done. I really enjoy Naval RB, it just seems like it’s the redheaded step-child of the game modes.

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Why? Comparing it with -1 BR vehicles of a different ship class makes no sense. In all game modes -1 BR vehicles suffer. Especially DD vs CL or CA.

They suffer but not as what in naval. That is the real problem. Not only 5.7 CA vs 4.7 DD but also 4.7 DD vs 3.7 DD and coastal is serious problem.

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