Tiny BR adjustments are in dire need

Prince Eugen has to be a 6.0 vessel. Although owning her myself I´d welcome that little adjustment. She´s clearly in the league of Mikuma and Helena or Zheleznyakov.


It is really not. It can be compared closer to tone but definietely not to those mentioned

She has a gigantic crew-size, excellent firepower and reload, is well armored, fast and lots of AA. Other vessels like Köln, Leipzig, Karlsruhe, York, Norfolk, New Orleans, Aobe, Southhampton, Belfast, Maxim Gorki etc. are less strong ships, yet on the same battle-rating.

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There always will be better and stronger ships on equal BR. Eugen will be utterly dead on 6.0. Not only it is worse than every other 6.0 in 1v1 scenario (except tone) it has also no ability to even scratch a battleships it will be put against every 2nd round. Just like tone eugen could only support its team from a distance and focus on never being seen. But tone at least has its torps that can sink even battleships.

I agree that Prinz Eugen is definitely stronger than most of 5.7 cruisers. Problem is, Prinz Eugen is also inferior to most of 6.0 cruisers. And this is not the only problem of Prinz Eugen. Almost every ship of War Thunder Naval has this kind of problem.

So tiny adjustment is not right. Prinz Eugen cannot move up in this narrow BR pool. Big BR decompression is needed for Prinz Eugen.


If it is solo, I am pretty sure it can’t win when the enemy is Zala or Myoko.

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I sink PE and Hipper all the time, in my Moffet.
It is popular because it is a Premium, not because it is excellent, or even good.

Not even good? Hilarious.

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I believe that because Gaijin nerfed it not long after its introduction in game, similar to what Gaijin DID to Graf Spee “nerfing 1st then buff later” when WW1 BB (Dreadnought) got added in game…

Hipper & Eugen suffer when facing 6.0 ship currently as Dreadnought has not been raised higher level in order to have BR decompression effect effective…

FYI… as far as i know, Hipper & Eugen are really tough to the point that Des Moines ship were built based on these ship’s base design and maybe also Zara-class cruiser’s part as well BUT using USA’s unique layout that gives the best offense & defense for Des Moines & possibly Worcester-class as well

BUT in game it got NERFED quite badly now when it should be buffed BACK as usual similar to Graf Spee situation, at least that’s what i think of

Also to add, HMS Glorious also suffer nerfing effect unlike IJN Ikoma these days…

Yes, I was too critical. Hipper class is an all round solid CA.

Sure. With the best 20 cm artillery + ammunition in game, 24 decent torpedoes with good angles, best armored turrets of her class etc. All in all just solid… tiny bit above average.

Yes but consider this Brooklyn, Cleveland all are at 6.0 and there is no way that Hipper is comparable to those.

The Hipper is fine where it is, it isn’t bad ship for it’s BR but I wouldn’t say that it is OP.

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Yeah… its not OP to Brooklyn & Cleveland BUT it can stand on its own if Gaijin WILLING TO BUFF it back to it was before Graf Spee got added back then when facing 6.0 ship nowadays…
My point on why is due to it have decent torp with lots of it & overall armored cruiser than most and YES its a bit above average 6.0 cruiser BUT look at this way…

IT indeed a bit weaker than Brooklyn & Cleveland with gameplay function that allows firing main guns + secondary guns together BUT it have torpedo which gives it fighting chance against bigger, deadlier warship than BOTH BROOKLYN & CLEVELAND…

IN short, against anti-surface, its a bit weaker than both BUT mix in anti-air firepower makes it quite better than Brooklyn while still weaker than Cleveland…

IF using heavy cruiser relevance here, its like Hipper can beat Orleans level firepower & armor BUT struggle a bit against Baltimore-class and definitely can’t fend off Des Moines level

((> : weaker than)) (( = : equal ))
Shortest version: Portland/Pensacola/Orleans > Hipper/Eugen = Baltimore/Pittsburgh > Des Moines/Newsport News in overall combat scenario (air & surface + durability & mobility considered)

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Buff it how? How exactly is Gaijin suposed to buff it?

Even with just main battery the Clevelands or Brooklyn have better firepower not to mention that US gets excellend DP guns with VT shells. Torpedoes are irrelevant, trying to torpedo any big ship in large ship like Hipper is suicide IMO.

Using only CAs when balancing is just useless since there is no gameplay difference between these.

You are correct about the comparison between the Hippers and the US CAs but all US CAs suck before the Baltimores, while the New Orleans aren´t trash they are still bellow average and others are just bad.

E: I would disagree the Hippers are equal to Baltimores since I would say that with the improved reload on the US CAs (still slower then Hippers but one more gun) the firepower is pretty equal but in this case the US CAs have better secondaries, better AA and I would even say the the protection is better protection.

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Well… in large map battle, it is quite irrelevant BUT look at this way, imagine heavy cruiser version of Scharnhorst in the midst of a few early BB and mostly light cruisers in range, on that part, having torpedo that can be aimed independently is much worth it compared to fixed one…

((IF you wanna know Scharnhorst WT video, check Napalmratte’s Scharnhorst part))
then you guys can imagine similar version…

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I just took general view based on overall capabilities in naval warfare as it seems that Hipper/Eugen were built before WW2 while Baltimore were built b4 WW2 ended so OF course Hipper/Eugen are quite inferior BUT Baltimore dont have super effective Battleship-killer firepower that can seriously threaten those Dreadnought & Super Dreadnought (WW2 Battleship) over 10km-20km firing range

While Hipper/Eugen are quite inferior in real life against such beast warship, in game part having torpedo and managed to get close enough & good luck can make this ship shine on cruiser battle…

FYI… Hipper in game were not its last year AA refit (Barbara refit) so its AA capability is quite weak for its current BR or its 6.0 capable part WHILE Eugen DID with its AA refit basically worth its 6.0 BR although on the low-level part for now…

For now, check this video on Youtube and view it 1st then try doing that using Hipper with admiral-level skill… then you guys see WHY i wrote this… Gotta go… til then… peace all time

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Good points. For the torpedoes I don´t agree with you. The Eugen provides good angles to release them and they are good to saturate a larger area up to 14 km. Not as fast and deadly as the japanese ones but still.

I so agree with you when comparing German torp with legendary type 93 torp from Japan BUT still much better than most other navy in game so far

PLUS…i’m pretty sure that Hipper also have good angle to use torp… I wanna see more German cruisers and would prefer to see a new light & heavy cruiser addition with AA refit for both as Germany need more DD, light + heavy cruiser & specialized cruiser.

FYI… all nations need more addition of those ship BUT specifically NAVAL warfare needed a new start at 3.0 to serve as lowest reserve training experience for coastal vs bluewater battle someday

I can only say 1 thing here… I was hoping to see Gaijin adds another Hipper-class heavy cruiser with Barbara AA refit either as event cruiser or tech tree as wishing to be added as Germany’s squadron heavy cruiser representative

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Hipper isnt a heavy cruiser version of scharhorst whatever that could mean. Its survivability is only great against destroyers and early cruisers which makes it look op in downtier. Late war cruisers especially japanese and soviet ones have no trouble ammoracking hipper and all 6.0 have more guns, better turret placement and sometimes better reloads. I dont think I ever seen hipper torping somebody in uptier, they usually die so quickly.

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