Timed fuze HE shells

Would it be game breaking to add sight distance control as one way to change the distance value for time fuse shells? The current range finding option is rather bad when trying to range find planes.
As it is currently, said shells are, if not useless, underwhelming in AA work on high caliber anti air vehicles, yes, I’m looking at you, Flakbus and Very Friendly Wagon.

Personally, I can’t see it being an OP buff, just a QoL update and making a shell type that is (I specualte to be) seldom used, somewhat more viable.


I personally want this due to the Pvkv II and Strv 74 being able to use these shells due to having the 74 mm Lvkan 36 Bofors Flak gun

I would also add there should be option to turn off time fuse for shells which have that feature.

Either WT had a single update where you could do this, or my client was bugged, but dang was it wonderful. And no, it wouldn’t/doesn’t break anything, it just makes shooting planes a little easier (you still have to guess the range right), and shooting open tops behind hills easier (but they can still just backup out of the explosive range)

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