Time Wasting, human bots, passive reward farming

Players circuling the outside of the map for extra rewards, more likely have multiple clints open, below is an example of 1 payer. i can not name the player as that would break the rules of the TOS. I think if your not with in 50km of an enemy you should get diminishing rewards. Look for a Ar 234 B-2, bombs base the runs to edge of map


This thread is not to shame any one person, its about behaviour of some players, while not being few still afects many, how 1 player can cause disruption. I only suggest that gaijin adds decreasing rewards for passive play, im not out to pumish anyone.

Let me try and translate your post:

You are suspecting that a bot script is used to farm RP in realistic air using bombing?

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No, i am suggesting players that run to edge of map and stay out of play should get diminishing rewards. Its not like extending, gaing energy, being chased. It is what it is, extending the match for more rewards

Some planes that can’t turn quickly is really hopeless in that kind of situation where someone is actively trying to sniff their butt, other than just give up and die they really couldn’t do anything else other than trying to frustrate the ass sniffers hoping that they finally giving up, same as bombers climbing to space because, same reasons bro. Very similar situation like Tutel seeing bombs dropped right next to it lol why don’t you just dodge the bombs bro

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What are you on about dodge bombs, no bomb dodging needed or ass sniffing going on in this match

Match activity %age affects rewards, so hiding at the edge of the map is already doing what you want.

Is this actually just a whinge that one of your piñatas is AWOL?

He was not AWOL. he actually said in chat more rewards for longer match, he wss the last enemy alive

So you are fully aware that this plane has no weapons after dropping bombs. What do you want it to do except preserve itself?

You should listen to him, he is right.

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Labd and get more bombs

If he is the only plane left, that is not a good idea. It will get him destroyed.

How so when he is the last enemy, activity works on both teams, AI dont scutter to edge of map

Did you watch the replay, you would notice his intention was what i say it is. This is map norway, pretty big

Not getting killed will extend his reward by max repair.

His team have lost the match, he is just time wasting on purpose for minimal gain, pointless. Me in bomber do 1 run then land and rth, i dont wast everyones time for nothing

His choice. You have your choices to end the match. Do it.

Actually, if you play bomber in RB, that sums up pretty well what you do: You waste everyone elses time. Deal with it.

How do i do that?

You win by accomplishing one of the victory conditions. That ends the match. Waiting is the slowest option.

I can see your point, but this is map norway, its a very big map.

Try playing your own game and not worry about what others are doing? If you don’t want to wait for the full duration of the game, go land, exit, and be on your way to a different 5 minute wait for a game and climb to a furball?

The Arado repair bill would be 13.000 SL. Why waste it because some red pilot doesn’t play but twiddle thumbs.

Or simply land, get suitable ammo/weaponry and farm enough ground. Zero risk as that red plane has no guns.