Time to Retire Conquest

Was just doing some Naval RB matches and I encountered another conquest match (these are the matches where you fight over a single large ring, usually in open water with no cover) and was thinking that these maps jsut dont work for War Thunder and its time for these to be retired.

Does anyone actually like these Conquest maps and if so why?


The circle of friendship maps universally arent fun, especially when Im grinding with a cruiser and get oneshot by battleships sitting 12km away.

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I’m probably gonna be the odd one out here but I really like Conquest maps for the full on Jutland experience, Of course it does get bullocks when one side has the superior equipment or with maps like old Denmark occurring.

To be honest ever since that poxy update back around 2.01 they made maps/modes BR specific an I’ll say this conquest would be more fun back down at 4.0 like it used to be as well because down there’s there’s more equal footing mostly between nations over being an above 5.3 mode same goes for encounter which also used to be fun even at BR 3.7 yet those days are long gone sadly.

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Yep, that would be good, even just in Cruisers, that gamemode can be more fun