Time to Retire Conquest

Was just doing some Naval RB matches and I encountered another conquest match (these are the matches where you fight over a single large ring, usually in open water with no cover) and was thinking that these maps jsut dont work for War Thunder and its time for these to be retired.

Does anyone actually like these Conquest maps and if so why?


The circle of friendship maps universally arent fun, especially when Im grinding with a cruiser and get oneshot by battleships sitting 12km away.

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I’m probably gonna be the odd one out here but I really like Conquest maps for the full on Jutland experience, Of course it does get bullocks when one side has the superior equipment or with maps like old Denmark occurring.

To be honest ever since that poxy update back around 2.01 they made maps/modes BR specific an I’ll say this conquest would be more fun back down at 4.0 like it used to be as well because down there’s there’s more equal footing mostly between nations over being an above 5.3 mode same goes for encounter which also used to be fun even at BR 3.7 yet those days are long gone sadly.

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Yep, that would be good, even just in Cruisers, that gamemode can be more fun

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I am pretty new to naval so I don’t hate this mode yet, but it’s definitely less fun than islands and multiple cap points.

When they first came out, I was . . “oh look, a map design I can dislike even more than Encounter maps!!”
But as I played them more, got used to them a little and moved farther up the tech trees in Bluewater, I found them not to be so bad after all. I mean I do not love the design, but I can play them now without getting a headache at least . . . lol. Even have fun in a few games on them here & there.
But my biggest dislikes are not the map designs, in any mode, but rather poor/bad spawning points and the spawn system in general and the BR’s/tiers that they place on some maps are either too high or too low. Personally, besides a complete revamp/rework of how we spawn into games, getting proper BR’s on the maps, I don’t have a lot of complains on the maps themselves.
Conquest is ok, but more even/balanced match ups would make them better. Same with Encounter maps, but then again the spawn points there are the bigger issue. Far too many maps have the same spawning positions for ALL BR’s that get to play on them. That just doesn’t work or make sense to me.
Getting pounded by 6 - 8 even 10 enemy ships the moment you spawn in on an Encounter map is just bad . . proper BR and/or proper spawns would make that a lot better. Granted, I don’t want to have to sail for 2 - 3 minutes before I can even think about firing at an enemy ship either.
Main reason I stopped playing Air RB early on was I didn’t like spending 70 - 80% of my time in each game flying to find something to shoot at . . lol, I am old, I don’t have that kinda time to waste before the fun starts . . . if ya know what mean. But overall, Conquest maps are not as bad as I once thought they were . . . even tho I still believe any/all maps could use some adjusting to make them better & more fun to play. Rigid/static maps with little variety can get old and stagnant pretty fast . . . especially if you play a lot.

I love conquest, more than any map with islands nd tiny points around big islands where maneuvering cruiser is very hard and BB impossible. Also open maps finally have use for torpedoes like Long Lances.

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