Tiger Sound

Old one was ten times better. Had some chu chu chu to it kinda like a Train. Now it doesn’t, sounds more like every other low BR Soviet Tank now.

Was the only Line Up where i would intentionally increase my own Engine Sounds to hear it more. Another sad day in WT.

Also Game overall feels like have gotten way louder at least planes. Used to play on 20-24 with my Headset but had to tune it down all the way to 14 because it was so loud

I don’t know how they update the sounds so often yet still don’t have enough variety in it to not have dozens of vehicles with identical engine sounds, no matter if it’s a modern IFV or a WW2 vehicle, hate it.


I don’t know anyone who even complained about the old Tiger Sounds, for me they sounded awesome and gave it a nice additional flare/character or whatever because once you got the Engine running a bit and were at higher speed the chu chu chu sounded similar to an old train but now its just like the low BR Soviet Lawmowers

Very bad change imo and waste of development ressources they could have spend on fixing issues people been talking about since aeons.

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They just keep messing with it for some reason, we had some good sounds at some point and then it’s changed again to entirely different sounds, then your eyes get nuked again from any plane within a km or jets obliterating your ear drums completely dominating the sound scape.

Yet the issue with tanks without sounds has never been solved, whilst at the same time you can hear some of them from miles away where I believe they are right next to me but it’s like 300 meters somehow, and we just never get unique sounds and it’s really dumb to play a modern Chinese IFV and then play WW2 later and it magically has the same engine.

It’s lazy, is what it is.

Tbh I’m more upset that 90% of the IFVs in the game have the same sound like the Bradley, Dardo, Warrior, Vilkas, Puma and the Type 89. Yet they have so much time to change 50 Cals every update.

Yea because anything else would require actual effort.

They even pump out AI Content now into the Game (see the latest available profile picture from pages of history)

Game make like dozens of millions annually and they can’t even put like what 10€ back into it for further development and improving on it

They outsource models to some teenagers somewhere probably working for 50 cents an hour, moderators and such are probably all volunteers and there are never enough people working on bug reports and everything else that it takes years and years for anything to get fixed.

They were a top seller on Steam and it’s a free to play game, question if it includes in game currency purchases or just the packs but it’s clear they’re making bank, but we sure need all the crappy monetization schemes because ‘they need to make money’ despite selling pixels for $70, and just pixels… copy paste pixels.

It’s the road wheel and track interaction, yes, plz revert, I want that growling V 12 Maybach back.

What growling Maybach ? Have you ever been to Bovingdon and seen the Tiger running? Its all-track squeal and not that dissimilar to man y other tanks they run on the same day. Fury probably has the most distinctive sound if anything.

Tiger Day 13 - The Tank Museum, Bovington, England (youtube.com)

Yeah, I know that, but still, in war thunder, engine sounds are louder than the track sounds, only few exceptions are the BMP series and the Tigers. So if gaijin is going to make it all engine sounds (I assume because they are more distinctive) then I want to hear that sexy V12 run. If it’s tracks, that’s fine, just give us realistic sounds, and when sitting still, I still wanna hear it.

A big positive for having realisic engine sound and track sounds being louder is:

A. Most NATO tanks sound the same

B. Swedish turbines at 8.7 won’t sound like a constant whining gunshot of a sound

Its all kind of irrelevant with the amount of Copy paste we have in the game now. You could hear a Tiger but whose side is it on?

Ya’ll are liars.
This sounds drastically superior.

Nope, doesnt have the chu chu chu anymore