Tiger H1 and Tiger E changes

Why where the battle ratings changed for the H1 5.3 to 5.7? And the E from 5.7 to 6.0?
And why ,why is there a half a second difference in re-load times? Their basically the same tank apart from a few small changes, inside the turret is the same as each other.
A good tiger crew (in either variant) could get off 10 aimed shots a minute.
The H1 now is at 7.4 secs with a crew at 132 and the E is at 7.9secs with a maxed out crew!!!
Other german tank reload times have been extended by up to 1 sec WHY?
Can somebody who is in charge of the trying to fix things when there not broken department please explain why are you ruining your own product, you spent so much time devolping these tanks , only to be told that you have to bugger them up WHY?


The only changes to reload speed on German tanks were done on the Panther II and Tiger II (H) 10.5 cm which actually got buffs to their reload speed.

Every other change you’re seeing is likely an effect of your crew skills. Tiger H1 has a 7.4 second reload with a level 150 ace crew in the first place so it’s literally impossible for your reload to be 7.4 seconds with anything but a level 150 ace crew.

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It doesn’t have to be 150lvl but needs to be aced with max reload and commanding skills


The jagdpanthers reload was changed aswell. Now all tanks with the 88mm except the open top tank destroyers should have the same reload

Ooooh yeah I forgot that buff as well.

It’s easier to just say max level than to specify loader and commander skills, although you are correct, you don’t specifically need a level 150 ace crew to reach the fastest reload speed.

How is making the panther II reload 9.7 sec a buff, or is the tiger 2 with 10.5 at 16.2 secs a buff . The Jadgpanther G1 is now 9.7secs and the Elephant 8.7 secs I suppose they have been buffed by adding at least a sec to their reload times.
The changes lm seeing are on the tech tree without a crew in them. Then I put crew in the tanks l use all the time and the reload times have been extended by a second eg panzer iv/70V was 6.4 now its 7.4 with the crew aced and at lvl150

making the reload times generic is stupid, the English reload times have changed as well

Im saying the reload time was faster on the tigers than the NOW 7.4 sec and 7.9sec

Because those reloads used to be longer? The values you’re quoting there are the current stock reload time, and for the Panther II and Tiger 2 105 those used to be 11.11 seconds and 20 seconds respectively, so 9.74 and 16.25 seconds that they now have is a definite buff.

And before it got buffed to the 9.74 seconds it now has with a stock crew, it was 11.11 seconds, just like the Panther II.

It was never 6.4 seconds.

And I am saying it wasn’t. The reloads on the Tiger E and H1 have been unchanged and have been 7.4 seconds with max reloading skill for a long while.

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Tiger E and H1 only got their original battlerating back and it’s better in that way. The Panther D should have been upgraded to 5.7, to balance the 4.7 - 5.3 zone, because (certainly sometimes German players can be blind) these vehicles in the right hands are dangerous for 4.3 - 5.0 area.

Furthermore, the fear of fighting against vehicles such as the Is-3 isn’t a concern anymore, because its has also get its battlerating’s increase.

The only problem is the T-44-100 is still in 7.0 and its cans cause a slighty problem and that’s possible across anti-tanks like the Object 268 (raised 6.7 to 7.0, Tiger E fought it before) and the T95 ( Tutel could be a surprise to fight, still a slow target where it’s possible to neutralize the cannon and tracks to get around it.

For the rest, it’squite correct to face now, except Tiger 2 P should back to 6.3 and Jpz 4-5 (i’m a user) should raise minimum 6.7 like other light tanks/anti-tanks (like fiat, aubl, and the new spz 12-3 LGS).

sorry l made a mistake on the reload times

my mistake sorry