Tiger armor

why is the front armor of the german tiger so weak?

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it’s flat, to be precise 90° of inclination although 100 mm of armor is a decent number it is useless flat…


Cause its fighting vehicles with significantly more firepower than the vehicle was designed to protect from.


Others have said it already, so I’ll just tell you to learn to angle and it helps :)

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Angle tenk and use volumetric turret 200 mm

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Max angling doesn’t make the Tank immune and not everyone understands that only slightly angling helps however depending on the enemy’s caliber angling is not gonna do anything.

Because it’s a 1942 tank and during that time 100mm of frontal armor was quite a lot.


No tank is immune to damage



German tank designers didn’t take into the account the M109 ,as everybody knows that is why they lost WW2



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This made me snort my drink out.

I know War Thunder was never meant to be an immersive or historically accurate based game

but facing something that’s from almost 3 decades more advanced than your own vehicle is funny as hell.

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Imagine Pbv 301.

No, its angled 10°, because of some dude i forgot the name of who sayed that 10° of angle is enove for surface hardened Armor to shatter the tip of uncapped AP rounds. (Well and there is the Structural itegrity and volume argument.)

Only the british went, nah 90° is good, even till later in the war.

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Its fighting vehicles and ammunition types from years ahead. Even angled alot things just pierce it. Its an issue alot German tanks face.

One exception from this is the finnish KV-1, due to its BR placement you can expect to bounce off most shots. Tiger BR means most things you face will pen, even some SPAA autoguns might destroy a Tiger. You should play it more like a medium tank, hide and try to ambush enemies.

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It’s true ,what use are traditional WW2 Tiger tactics facing 1960s and 70s vehicles and what use is it’s armour ? Wait for a full down tier maybe to enjoy playing the Tiger.Just fodder for M109 spam now.

Makes the whole game somewhat pointess. No wonder so many quit two minutes into the game

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Its not just the M109. All these cold war howitzers from US, Sweden, RUS negate any armor with its HE shells and have a good enough trajectory to compete with WW2 tanks (ballistic wise). On the other side they are mobile and have quite trolly damage models. WW2 shells usually dont fuse on its armor and AP doesn’t inflict alot spall cones. Sometimes WW2 ammo phases through the whole howitzer without doing damage. I survive much more hits in a M109 than in a Tiger. Thats why they get spammed.

All these should be up BRed into cold war BR bracket.


I think they should just remove all the M109G/A1 and instead replace em with more modern models that would fit higher BRs.


One of ZTZ artillery eats Maus shells like i’m firing cheese at it

I know right?!

They added the slowness of tanks to the game due to their armor, but I guess they forgot to add the armor! And don’t forget that awful Br system. The second-tier tiger faces fourth-tier tanks.

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