Ticket bleed in Naval is way too fast

In last few weeks I played a ton of Naval to complete the Naval event. I played mainly 2.3 Coastal and Bluewater up to 4.7 and in the end, the thing, I didn’t like the most is that matches end way too fast and not because people quit, or because its too one sided match, but because the ticket bleed is just insane.

Primary examples would be slow ships in Coastal or planes in general. With slow Coastal ships, the game can end even before you get into the battle, which is just so frustrating. With planes, its much more difficult to get SP for them than in Ground and if you do, you need to do some setup, to find some opportunity for plane, which there is very rarely enough time.

Yesterday, I played Ground match, where opponent held all three points for a time, that Naval match would be long over. In Ground we were still able to make a comeback and it ended up to be a fun back and forth game with more than enough room to do stuff. In Naval its impossible. Even when you have good fight over one point, the match is decided by other point being capped and you can’t even do anything about, because there is simply no time to get there.

Honestly, I find it very ironic, that the seemingly slowest game mode in the game has the fastest ticket bleed (I know it can be very hectic, I played a ton of it), I expected Naval games to be longer than Ground ones, when I first started to play it. And no, the EC is not a solution in the current state, because its just for high rank stuff and you cannot complete tasks and events in it.


They added non-linear ticked bleed ages ago I think. It effectively shaved off about 50% of tickets and really hurt naval modes.


It also promotes Kamikaze attacks with planes, because there is no point in staying alive, if you don’t have time for anything else than one attack. That also means less planes in the air, so the AA is more concentrated on a few present planes.

One match, I couldn’t land with Hydroplane, because some boat was camping a cap point, so I kept distance. Then two our planes came, so I thought great, now we can cooperate to sink him, but the two planes just went Kamikaze on him and died, before I could engage him, while he was firing at them.

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