just wondering how can i make a thunderskill account, i am using the link but it will not work, so im stuck on step 2.

Since when do you need to create an account for that site?

The stats are all useless anyway. Half the vehicles are missing, kills of AI targets count, etc…

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I know they are, i just want to make an account because im applying for some squadrons that require you to have an account, thats all.

I wouldn’t worry about the Thunderskill account.
Most relevant squadrons are better off checking your stat card, namely the monthly K/D for certain modes and, if they’re that uptight, just testing you out in duels of your preferred mode.
It’s not just percentages on the Thunderskill page that count, it’s also stuff like game knowledge and actual vehicle performance that that page does not show, which is a major flaw of the webpage.