Thunder League camo skins: When will these be removed to permit routine camo skin progression?

Ok, this is really not all that important, but it’s like a gnat that flies around my nose & ears - kind of annoying. I have two vehicles which can’t improve their camouflage skins unless they acquire achievements in Thunder League. I’m a new player, only a few months’ worth, and I did some research, and learned that Thunder League was played - and finished - about eight years ago. All the vehicles I’ve acquired to date normally receive new camo schemes after grinding away with accumulated research. Except the two Thunder league-locked types (Panther D & Tiger I(H)). So…will these victors, and any others I have yet to discover, EVER be unlocked from obsolete Thunder League achievements, or have these skins been left locked up to confuse new players and help to make them better at posing forum questions and using internet search algorithms? The world wonders…

Unfortunately, War Thunder’s monetization and player retention systems are structured around FOMO (fear of missing out). Battlepass vehicles, event vehicles, event cosmetics, etc. are all very seldom reintroduced into the game for players to get a second chance to obtain. Gaijin uses the marketplace to let players trade for things they have but don’t want in exchange for things they don’t have and can’t get anymore (and gaijin makes a lot of money taking “fees” for these exchanges).

Don’t play War Thunder if you are obsessively compelled to collect things. You will never get it all, in fact you probably won’t even get half. There are going to be a lot of things you will simply never obtain.


Lich, you’ve rendered a good explanation and it makes sense. Collecting stuff for the sake of collecting isn’t my point - camouflage in certain environmental conditions makes the difference between spotted/not spotted and taking the first shot. Survival, and all that. So two of my vehicles will probably never get winter or any other paint jobs. I need to have a talk with the motor pool officer, find out why we can’t get even simple white wash…

You’re talking about the panther D and Tiger I H right? Both of those tanks have free camouflages for desert, woodland, and winter. I’m not aware of more than a handful of tanks that lack at least 1 free version of each of those 3 schemes.

Hey Lich, yes, Panther D & Tiger 1 (H). In the hangar with either vehicle selected, going to “modifications,” the camo research selection bar is locked in place for both vehicles, stating that the next skin is “Thunder League (insert achievement name here)” and it doesn’t advance past this, unless I’m missing something. Pressing the “customization” button underneath only shows what the skin looks like and nothing to advance to a normal, free, routine skin of any make/model that you’s have on any standard vehicle.

Correction on my part: Disregard Tiger I(H), i have the skins. I assumed there were no more available skins for this vehicle due to the Thunder League block - my mistake. However, Panther D has only two skins (no winter) before Thunder League block. I will now crawl away and remove the egg from my face.

You will still unlock them by playing, you can check the progress in unlocking them by previewing the skins from the customization menu. This seems to be a bug on Gaijin’s part.

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