Thunder from heaven

how come “thunder from heaven” dont work when using Swedish planes who don’t have tracers?

Isn’t a belt without tracers the a stealth belt?



Unfortunately it seems this means it has to be specifically labelled a “Stealth” belt

yeah, but shouldn’t it work since there are no tracers?

It’s kinda dumb if it dosen’t

Stealth belts are labelled “Stealth”, makes it easy to figure. Many belts without specific tracer rounds in them still are not “stealth” belts. You don’t need to “break down” a belt by exactly what is in it, just go by the name they have given the belt, especially for doing specific tasks. That’s how the task is programmed, so . . . if you don’t stay within the parameters of the task, it won’t count towards getting it done … . ez pz . . once you figure out what they want, you give it to them

just use an F4U with 20mm stealth, way too easy

Critical thinking is a lost virtue.

oh will you look at that?

Several Swedish aircraft had no tracer rounds in their belts, which meant there wasn’t a separate stealth belt as it was not needed. This made shooting difficult for these aircraft, so we’ve decided to add the type 5876 armor-piercing tracer round to the existing belts for the Akan m/55 cannon, and a separate stealth belt to this gun as well on the following aircraft: SAAB-105G, SAAB-105OE, AJ37, AJS37, J29D, J32B, J35A, J35XS, J35D and SK60B.

So my “critical thinking” was completely right and you just looked like a tit.

It’s funny how things go, huh?

Yea. The brain power it would have taken to chose an aircraft with a labeled “Stealth” belt would have been incomprehensible. What a save. Just in time! 🤪

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lets, see.

they even did this after the first thing.

  • The Battlepass challenge “Thunder from Heaven” that required the use of stealth belts now requires belts that have no tracers.

So Gaijin Gaijin agreed with me 100% that something was wrong.

You got more holes to dig yourself into?

Honestly, it’s so ridiculously unimportant!
Use another airplane and get the challenge over with, it doesn’t take that long.
This forum has an unbelievable amount of “Karen” types.


Gaijin changed it after i made this thread because they thought it was wrong (i have no illusion about me doing anything about it)

So take your Karen buzzword and stick where the sun don’t shine.

have a nice day .