Thunder CUP 2024 Twitch Drops bug? or intended?

Not sure if anyone else mentioned this, but the drops may be bugged for this weekend, as the same m1a2 SEP V2 Camo from last weeks Part 1 is also the top reward for part 2… not sure if this was intended or not…

Similarly, the popcorn decal is also part of this weeks Part 2 despite it already being within Part 1…

Again, I am not certain if this was intentional, but thought I would mention it here.

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It is intentional so no Problem.

I’m guessing that next weekend will be the F15 skin as part of the last segment then… guess we will see. Would be nice to be able to trade the extras as coupons on marketplace instead of warbonds, but it is what it is.

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I don’t think any of it is “carved in stone”, kinda have to play it by ear. I managed to get all the drops from last weekend on Saturday, as I got there when it started and the rounds that day lasted long enough to allow it. I watched a little on Sunday as well. But apparently there were quite a few folks that could not manage to get everything in two days, so it seems like they decided to run the same drops again. As far as I can tell, everything was identical except the Profile Icon . . which I was really interested in & wanted. I watched today and never saw a “Claim” button for anything and I had to run some errands so after I got the Profile Icon finished, I had to cut out. I have had the 2 boosters and 1 day of premium added to my account in the past few hours, just waiting for the icon now. It’s not hard to imagine and makes sense that they might save some of the “better”, or more in demand items until the later stages of the tournament. All in due time . . all in due time . . .

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