Thrown to the wolves due to constant uptiers

Is it right to be trowing units to an uptier enemy and given Extra SP to do so and being punished with a crew lock if you decide you want to leave.

Fun in 1 match should not pay for sadness in another even if its just ment to be 30% uptiers

I play a 5 unit line up, after 1st or 2nd spawn and i see tickets droping fast, many enemy in my spawn and over half the team has left the match. Because i am in an uptier i get more SP to spend and am forced to spawn again. Come on gaijin get your head around this

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Plural is wolves, not wolfs.


Thanks i was never very good at english literature

If you want to play “Speech-Gestapo” - clean up your own post before:

Have a nice day!

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It’s actually grammar, not “literature” . . . . . . 8 )

But that is borderline splitting hairs/hares(you pick) and the picking of nits, which anyone can do, but . . . . I shant.


That as well, did think about that but wanted to be more poetic

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I was picking on wolves, not nits.

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You need to capture a point

The titles should not be fully capitalized, and they must clearly indicate the post’s content.


Topic re-opened.