Throttle blocked to 100%

I’ve got an interesting bug where my throttle gets all the way up to 100% and then gets blocked there.
This makes landing quite tricky and my engines keep overheating. Basically, I can’t fly anymore.
The only way I found to bring it down is by holding left ctrl and scrolling down, but the minute I stop pressing ctrl, the throttle goes up again…

Anyone has the same problem ?

Keyboard or throttle device?
Post a screenshot of your throttle axis settings.

It’s in French though

Maybe check your WEP keybinding as well . . . that could make it go to full throttle too I think . . .

I don’t have a separate binding for WEP.
However the bug isn’t happening anymore for some reason.

Just waited 15min in the hangar while making a bug report and then the problem disapeared when i tried again.

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Cool, whatever works . . glad you got it sorted

thx lol

I have a similar, if not the same problem, if this happens again, press the key to throttle up again, while this may seem counter intuitive it unlocked my throttle for me :)

Thx ! I’ll try that if it happens again.

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Had it again, it works, thx a lot !