Throttle Axis resetting to rudder whenever I use my HOTAS

Hey all,

As the title suggests, whenever I use the controls scheme I have saved for my HOTAS, (for use in Sim Air) loading the saved config, restarting my sim, or sometimes even mid-match between spawns my throttle axis will bind itself to my rudder pedals. I cant figure out why, as the config was saved with the throttle axis bound to my X56 Rhino throttle. My rudder pedals are turtle beach VelocityOne and all drivers and firmware for the devices are up to date.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks in Advance

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same here. did u fix?

I have the same problem, I also have the Turtle Beach pedals. Whenever I start the game or load my control presets my pitch and joystick axis bind to the L & R Brake Axis on the rudder pedals. Did you ever figure this out?

Create a fresh profile with nothing (Just mouse and keyboard) and set your joystick up to what suits you.

Often the presets, whilst β€˜easy’ are hard to fight against when things go awry. Add and replace is something to understand while setting up your controls.

Add will add that key to the controls and keep whatever it was bound to before, where replace erases that key from any other control, regardless of mode that it’s set for (air, tank, ship).

Always back up your profiles and be sure on what you set and change, so if it does clear out again, knowing you can do this is a lot quicker.