Three options

I have experience a number of difficult/impossible shots today. All by new players.(which of course could just be new acounts but it is too common for that to be the case.) This leads me to conclude it is one of three things: 1. EAC is not as effective as you think it is. 2. Undisclosed buffs are applied to new players or 3. the Economy patch today broke something else unintentionally.

Replays or nothing actually happened.

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Ah good Sir! I have had two Sherries this evening and was condensing the events of several battles into one rant/post. If it were specific enough that I could have pinpoint a single event I would have done so.


Does EAC apply to Arcade?


Thanks, I was going to reply myself the same, just checked in the WT launcher.

I usually start the game through Steam so I never see it but I was almost sure that I had to disable it since it was causing issues. I remember that I would have to enable it if I wanted to play RB, but didn’t need it in AB.