Thoughts on this combo?

Sometime ago I learned that historically the machine gun on tanks could be used for range finding from some war documentary and even some early rifles existed whose soul purpose was to range find using tracer rounds. After experimenting with this concept I decided to combine the range finder and machine gun keybinds. Does anyone else use this combo ?
Should I also perhaps combine the mouse click for firing my main cannon with the range finder or is there a downside to doing so ?

Well, the ballistics of the main gun and auxillary weapons are most likely quite different, so using it for rangefinding may be useful only at very short distances, but then it’s irrelevant anyway.

Some weapons used special rifle/MG caliber ranging rifles. So far I only know this from recoilless rifles like on the Type 60 SPRG.

Also, if you combine the MG and main gun, you will always waste a main gun round and be affected by its reload rate just to get the range.

Finally, machine gun fire for ranging may tell a target that there is someone around aiming for him, so you may be spotted and engaged in turn…

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You or correct about the machine gun giving away where I am located without a doubt. In the past I have also tested using HE shells for first shots - which is another method I saw talked about in war documentary to gauge the target. Perhaps its skill issue on my part but I do find the tracers incredibly helpful despite the risk - do you have any suggestions to improve and avoid my current methods ?

I think the default was to fire the MG and Main Gun at once however ive moved to separate buttons.
For the record I have machine gun perform a range finding action when its used, however I also have a separate keybind for just the range finder.

Light tanks can be super easy. When you scout a target, your crew will tell you the range. Of course they say it in the nations language but for the languages you know, it makes it very easy.

Most of it honestly comes down to experience. I will find myself hitting far off targets by aiming where it “feels right”.

If you play a more stationary/ambush style, you can range find some spots and use that to guage the enemy’s distance.

This next tip is something i think works but i am not 100% sure. If you fire at a target and miss, where ever that shell lands on your distance ticks, move that tick over the enemy.

Example: you aim 1,200m and the shell lands short and hits the ground where your 1,500m tick is. Aim 1,500m for the second round.

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thanks for the advice - despite my playtime and interest in history I actually have trouble understanding alot of the ballistics involved in this game. I recall at one point there was an old forum post that explained exactly how to read and measure distances using the reticle and in game feedback - wish I could find it again it seems to have vanished with the new forum layout ?


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In your main gun optics you have range on the vertical and mills on the horizontal. The horizontal is for estimating range. If a tank is facing you head on and can fit between 2 markers 1 either side of center you tank will be at approximately 350. If a tank is side on its about double the range. If it fits between 1 marker off centre its about 750. You can test this in test drive as there are tanks at various rangies

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Yes! Thank you very much for your assistance.

On the fly if a tank fits in your circle just use the bottom of the circle to aim with

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thank you as well, appreciate all the prompt and knowledgeable replies

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I wish I could play WT without nations language, but I grew tired of hearing "ARTILLERY (X,Y),… ARTILLERY (X,Y), OPEN FIRRRREEEEEE" all the time

You will do better just eyeballing it

This may be different based on size of tank.

Its based on this formula:

Range (m) = Size (cm) ÷ Size (MILs) x 10

Size (cm) is known size of a tank
Size (MILs) is size of tank in you reticle

Yes, but differences are often negligible for range estimation.

I used to make a lot of sights with ranging funnels, which make measuring mils and calculating range unnecessary:

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wait THAT is what those are for on the SPRG? I had no idea, I was trying to use those as actual MGs and thinking they were the most pointless and idiotic placement for an MG I’ve ever seen, especially as they only had like 30 round mags or something.

…yes, and all the other vehicles in game using that M40A1 (106 mm) recoilless rifle, I believe: SPz 12-3 LGS, M50, FIAT 6614, R3 T106 FA…

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