Those trees shaking like an alcoholic three days into withdrawal need to be removed

Why are you implementing a feature which clearly isn’t working properly?
None of your changes to the vegetation behaves even remotely realistically.
In fact, those god-damn trees shake in such absurd and distracting manner, that it has a negative impact on the overall gameplay. Especially on maps with high density vegetation.

Just turn it off, and only implement it when it’s actually behaving naturally, or don’t implement it at all if you can’t make it work properly.


Absolutly, they sayed they fixed it once befor, but the still shake in sync like crazy. And even those that should be protected from the wind behind buildings or other big structures are also moving. Its just bad.


Even modded minecraft trees have more realistic sway.
If gaijin lowers the animation speed for it then it should look realistic. Currently it’s too fast.


Yeah its annoying. Whoever did that effect need to go outside and look at trees, not at huricane videos from youtube.


Like many others “improvements” made by some genious dev or “manager”
The vast majority of those “improvements” seems just to be made to P*** off the players.
Another potent example is that little square “bombs reload time” put straight in middle of the image where the bombing cross aim is so that if you want to see the cross aim , you have to dive !! . ( in AB ground battle)

You obviously have not noticed that only SOME trees were shaking like hell and even more, they are shellproof so that you cannot destroy them to clear the view !

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I have noticed it.Some trees were shell proof since ages.

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Well, since that “shaking trees epidemic” trees that could be destroyed are now shellproof. I noticed that fact on the map Kuban where I have a “snipe spot”

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