Thor's hammer

I’ve been struggling with this challenge for some time now, I’m almost finished it, I Just need one more light bomb kill. Im not sure which bomb to use, I questioned in the discord but got ignored, would 250 pound bombs count? Or does it strictly need to be 1-130 pounders?

Mhm - imho this BP challenge is tailored for CAS users - and it is 130 kg, not pounds… Maybe that makes it easier for you…

Btw - i managed to master this challenge in Air RB.

The real challenge was to get kills with 1.000 kg bombs…

Run 50 pounders in low BR for the light bombs

Mb, I typed it wrong. So, it’s only 130 kg ? What aircraft should I use, I don’t rlly know which one has that many small bombs, I play too much top tier lol

Yes! Technically seen: Less than 130 kg…

I you have the BP B7A2 - equip 10 x 60 kg, set time fuze to 1.5 seconds and wait at altitude until enemies try to repair / rearm on the forward airfield. With some experience a milk run…

250 lbs is fine. I did it with the p51 from the battle pass.

I’ll give it a go with the Japanese B7a2 battlepass vehicle, thanks for the info!

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Didn’t seem to work for me when I tried the 250s, I must’ve did it wrong

250’s on the F4U-4 worked for me.

For the Large ones though, you have to use 1100KG’s or 2000lbs, and sometimes it works, and others it doesn’t for some reason.

I completed that stage of the challenge in a single Ground RB game using my ITP (M-1) loaded with the 2 x 100 kg bombs. Got two kills on my first pass. Then got the last kill I needed in the same match flying my Su-6 with 4 x 100kg bombs and dropped them all on one unsuspecting Dicker Max. ~8 minutes into the match, Thor’s Hammer completed.

Best thing to do is check in the Secondary Weapons window, hover over any bomb and look for the “Mass” weight, that is what the Challenge goes by. And remember the conversion rate 2.2 lbs - 1 kilo.
German bombs are the easiest, if it says 250kg bomb, that is also the mass weight. But other nations vary. US 2000lb bomb is less than 1000kgs, weighting in at 2196.4lbs mass weight, just under 1000kgs.
Russian Tu-2S carries 3 1000kg bombs, mass weight - 1077kgs each . . . just have to find something within the parameters you are going for and run with that.
P.S. the “heavy” bomb really needs something MORE than 1000kgs . . . to be safe

I managed to get the 3 kills with 1.000 kg in 4 subsequent Air RB matches. With the 190 F-8 and the SC 1.000 loadout.

Same pattern - attacks on forward airfield. The only challenge is to get undetected to 6-7 km altitude and to “read” flight paths of own and enemy planes. My 3rd game was lost by tickets before i was able to dive and drop…