Thor's Hammer Challenge not counting kills

As @FlyingDoctor said - just put the link in a post.

xD You gotta mess with that cog setting in the bottom. You may also have been too early to actually check the video too with that ‘SD’ version only being available while the HD version encodes and propogates.

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Challenge seems completely inconsistent.

One kill I had with a german SC1000 was counted for the challenge since I didnt use any other “heavy” bomb so far. So the bomb should not be the problem, right ?
But I got at least 5 more kills with SC1000 by FW190 F-8 in a complete Tier III-IV lineup which did not count.

So if it’s not the bomb, what is it then ?
Tier correct, weapon correct, but no acknowledgement ?

Update here:
2x SC1000 from Do217 E-2 dropped simultaneously for a kill, was counted.
Maybe the type of hit is crucial (ammo, crew etc.) ??

Last update from me:
Same thing: 2x 1000 kg from Do217 E-2, was counted.
Does not solve the puzzle, but that’s 3/3 for me. Good luck to everyone else who’s stuck here !

I’m sorry, but I have no clue how to get that “Copy Link”?

FYI i’m playing War Thunder true Steam and it’s also a console account.

It should be on the server replay interface, but if you don’t have the streams and replays menu as well, if you go to Gaijin Entertainment - Single Sign On you can find it there.

I have no idea how you’d log in there, but it should be the same as logging onto the forums here.

Got a notification to my post on the bug report page that it’s been fixed… Hopefully all is right in the world of bombing now…

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for light bomb 100 work good and its count for me