Thor's Hammer Challenge not counting kills

Playing Tier III Ground AB (Italian M24). Got bomb kills in 3 different games and it’s not counting toward the challenge. Vehicles I killed had names that didn’t look like bots (lotionboy, supplyunitone, etc) Am I missing something? It’s been 2 hours and still hasn’t registered.

Well I tried a 4.7 German lineup and got 2 bomb kills and it worked… Must just not like the Tier III Italian M-24.


SC1000 isn’t registering as a 1000kg bomb. Tier 3 plane.

Yep, that happened to me too

The targets you kill have to be Tier 3 as well.
Realistically how are you supposed to do the Light Bombs challenge in anything other than tank RB?

Certainly not the case in naval, and don’t see any requirement for it ins the description.

However the thing that kills them DOES have to be T3 - it’s not like some dailies and special tasks where you can start with T3 and then complete them with T2

What plane did you get?

Easy in Naval coastal.

A 250LB bomb fits in the ‘under 130kg’ category. Not sure if you can get one of those in a ground arcade strike plane or not (US maybe?). I did try a few realistic battles yesterday, and SUCKED… I’m too old to see the tanks at distance ;) I did get 2/3 of the small bomb kills in my first two games, then my luck ran out.

No, just need to use a tier 3 plane

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I’m almost completely certain the kill target has to be tier 3. I experienced this with several previous battle pass challenges. I had to change which BR I was playing at because I was often killing targets that were players’ alternates below tier 3 rating.

So this is only one case… But I had the ‘Tiger’ special task yesterday, 5 kills in 5 games. I was using the 8.8 Flak, got 5 kills in the game including a T-34 (1942), and it gave me credit for 5 kills to the task. So I killed a Tier II with a Tier III and it counted in this case.

The daily tasks and special tasks don’t have this requirement that the targets you kill be tier 3, but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it to where the challenges do require tier 3 targets.

Idk man. I’ve killed people with a tier 3 or higher that were like tiers 1 and 2… For all of the task types.

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I didnt get a bomber with 100kg bombs below when playing tanks. And I didnt get a bomber with 100-1000kg bombs, only 2/3. Heavy bombs was not a problem.

Dunno about ground, but again it is easy in naval, since you select your plane and load out, and plenty of a/c have both small and medium bombloads available.

Naval AB, I used the russian A-20G-30 with 20 100kg bombs, destroyed 3 tier 1 USS Litchfield, got the light bomb part.


250lbs on Air Arcade is stupid easy.
Just keep quitting matches until you get Airfield and bomb landers.

These damn 1k ones are hard because I think only the B29 works for US.

About to try Naval.

Why isn’t it registering?
Screenshot 2024-05-24 205613

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Strange, got 2 Heavy Bomb Kills with Do 217. And the same bomb on FW190 F8 did not count.

For small bombs I got it in Naval, carpet bomb small boats, very easy.

For the big bombs the German SC 1000L2 in arcade tanks battles does not work, I have killed 5 people so far.

The 2000lb is 970kg so this leaves the US aircafts out of the challenge sadly

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I got all mine in GRB using the PE-8 and IL-2. Fab-5000 plus the 50kg for PE-8 then 250KG ones for IL-2

I submitted a bug report… go add your input there…