This when?

In particular, the Su-39 was supposed to conduct a full-fledged air battle, for which the R-73, R-27 and R-77 missiles were included in its arsenal of air-to-air missiles [with maximum launch ranges of 20/40, 65/80 and 80/110 km respectively.

Yes I changed my mind The Su-39 is better for me than the MiG-23ML

  1. Never
  2. None of those missiles will get anywhere near that range when launched from a slow lawnmower down at 1km alt. At best you’ll be looking at 4-5km for the R73 and 10-15 for the 27 and 77.
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When people mention the maximum ranges, they are always from optimal conditions. It’s much simpler to state the maximum capacity of something rather than saying exact capabilities at every interval: with car engines people list the maximum horsepower, for missiles people list the optimal ranges.