This update feels a LOT more bugged than previous ones

Anyone else feeling like they can encounter at least several clear as day bugs in every session?

Played air assault - Bombers wouldn’t render until about 700m which is gun range. My Barak II was switched to a Kfir for no reason, several times.

Played ground RB - obstacles touch and stop a tank even if they’re about half a meter to my left. It’s like they inflated their collision box.

Played air RB - Some of my most important keybinds were overriden with the most useless, counterproductive stuff that have already gotten me killed.

Didn’t play naval - that mode sucks!

Yeah so the dev server was useless. Every conceivable bug was pushed to live.


My game will have a graphics driver hang up 50% of the time that i alt-tab

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There is simply a lot more changes and new stuff to be bugged

Belgium f-16A
Flare pod is bugged

Imho not really surprising…

Targeting pods won’t lock onto target

If only there was a dev server right before the update.

Changing from full screen to border less window fixed this for me! M

I tried that but it sadly still happened. I tried borderless window and windowed. I doubt it is on my end as it only happens for warthunder and only started day one of after the update.

Weird you say that because after this update War Thunder opens as borderless window by default.

Yea, they got Shift A, but left shift (w s d q and b).

I had the maddest packetloss earlier too, shot someone, and was all ‘It missed?’ and accepted my fate, about .5 seconds later they exploded.

Try enable radar in Y-menu. Even if plane don’t have it

I honestly thought that feature was input just to troll us, i see no reasoning as to why that combination would get a green light for live feature, and all you can do is remove the bind, i want that thing off my screen…

Whilst you can debind the controls, it’s that effort against the default controls because no matter the default, these controls conflict, thus new, fresh players, will be facing this issue.

That’s the true issue with it conflicting in such a manner against the keys it does.

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Controls should be really simplified in RB. Players are handling tasks that 2 people would handle IRL.

In the meantime, Gaijin couldn’t even bind the squad voice chat key since dog knows when.

These conflicts aren’t anything to do with that sentiment… It’s an active conflict of controls by people stacking controls on top of the defaults without considering the impacts they have on players.

Because it’s not on PTT from the outset, and when people set them, they set it to whatever they want. It’s not that difficult.

However debinding the default controls so they don’t conflict as a new player, is a silly mistake to need to make happen.

No. The changes are almost all bugged and not bugged stuff is now bugged.

And most of it has been reported on the dev server multiple times. There is ZERO excuse for this patch happening