This Player is a Possible Cheater?

Hi Players,

I just had a battle where one player joined the Battle with 2 BR 7.3 Tanks - AMX 50 Foch, the other AMX 50- T090/930 and another BR 3.7 AMX-13-M24 tank. He survived the battle with good contribution.

TWIST: However, in the whole battle he was driving a BR 1.7 2C-Bis tank and knocked me out twice. Once through a rock, 2nd time even when all his crew were knocked out by me (T26E5). He even reloaded fairly faster with all the crew dead/injured being BR1.7.

Can this be investigated and this guy get banned for life please? I have screenshots and replay as proof.


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You didn’t provide footage and you also didn’t provide a username. So how is the staff supposed to? One more thing(small reference to the Jackie Chan cartoon), crew skill exists and the higher crew skill goes the higher the chances of survivability, repairs, artillery, spotting, etc. increases.

If that said player is also using ultra-low graphics then he can see the actual geography, as the subtle difference is merely graphical and does not affect the actual maps themselves. This means a hill for you was perhaps taller but for him, since he was using ULQ he sees how low it is.

The player may also have been using set sight distance which adjusts the gunner’s sight elevation which is meant to be used with the range finding bind. For an example.
Rangefinder->Target is at 400 meters, adjusting the gunner’s sight->too 400 means he can aim straight at you but the gun has been adjusted to 400 and will fire above the hill he’s at to wherever you were.


I assume he used rangefinder and sight distance and etc etc. But the shots were very close range. One was in open, where i shot him and his crew turned red and yellow. The Second was almost point blank with him behind a rock, and I was just about to peek, his shot to my frontal turret of the T26E1-1.

But, how do you explain a BR6.7 tank firing at BR1.7 tank with crew knocked out, yet the tank survives and fires immediately to kill the BR6.7?

And I did not mention the name because some games dont allow naming & shaming stuff. I am not sure, so I avoided. But if you had read my last sentence, it would have been helpful to you.

Anyways, I am seeing on various other forums that cheating is rampant. So, I think its a waste to invest money and time in this game.

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The forums are not the place to report others that are suspected of cheating. It’s against their forum rules, so you know.

If you want to report them, then you have to use the server replay site here:


^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ - this - report him from inside the replay - that gives staff the opportunity to see exactly what he was doing.

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I don’t if his crew is red and yellow then his tank is still alive. black outlines and red inside is a sleeping crew member. Just red means it’s still alive.

But as other people stated report it with a replay, not to the forum team but the complain/report issue team/department.