This needs fixed

The Tank with what is noted in MULTIPLE Books, and in person by MULTIPLE Historians, like David Fletcher, as having a Mantlet that had thicker armor than ANY other part of the tank, should not be getting lol penned by ww2 Era APHE hitting its mantlet.

Make a bug report on it if you have any historical info on it. It won’t do much being posted here. I’ll put the link below. Good luck with your big report :)


No way im doing bug Report, have you EVER tried to do one of those things? About the only information they don’t want is your Social Security number. And honesly? id say they would probably take that TOO, and STILL Turn down the report because its not something Russian or German being buffed.


Lol okay. I mean, if your not going to make a bug report on it and no one else has them I doubt anything will change


The Conqureor has been in the game for like 7 years now, HOW has this not been fixed? Other tanks have gotten massive amounts of armor fixes, Especially Russian heavies, Remember how you used to beable to mantlet shot a IS-3 with the 88? Can’t do that anymore.

Ive SEEN bug reports about this before. and its never been fixed, Basically ever OTHER 7.7 Heavy has received volumetric armor, which its self, WOULD FIX THIS, But the Conqureor? its forced to have this massive weakspot because its the only way for alot of German and Russian vehicles to KILL it.

Idk, don’t ask me, ask a mod or dev. Edit the OP and tag them, or comment something and tag them…

I must have either not been playing when you could do that or not at those right BR’s to play do that…

Does it not have the icon British LFP that can be penned by a slight breeze? I don’t have it yet, but from what you’re saying it doesn’t look like something to look forward to. Is the APDS at least decent. It says 500+mm of pen, but ok how APDS is these days

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its pretty bad, Inaccurate, and shatters alot.

Also doesn’t make much spall.

What a load of carp - they want game information, logs and replays, and screenshots - get off your high horse!

See all the update posts in the official news, developments and updates folder? Those come from bug reports.

You histrionics are pathetic and selfish nonsense.


Oh well there goes about the only reason I’d try playing it. Ig no conquering for me 🤷‍♂️

Edit: but if it ever gets fixed and I kill someone in it, I’m totally gonna say that I conquered them. Then march up to their body and do a little jig😂

They want information about your windows install, Security codes for your PC, all of that shit, Unless they changed all that.

The Program they want you to run to get that “Game Information” legit SCRAPES your PC for all of its important details.

Im legit trained in cyber security and PC shit, I KNOW what a Scraping software looks like, And that shit goes alot deeper than you think, it scans all kind of Sensitive data off yah PC.

Putting it kindly - they want to know your Operating System and DxDiag - there is nothing about security codes of any sort in that, and details of your operating system and equipment are legitimate for bug identification.

So they can sell it to the chemtrail airlines of course…

Up to you to not report it properly, but as has been pointed out already throwing a hissy fit here won’t achieve anything, but making a bug report might.


Dude. Legit the last time i went to DO a Bug report like 2 years ago, i wanted to report how the Black Prince’s Transmission was wrong (Which only RECENTLY got Fixed) That damn software tripped off my Anti Virus before i even RAN it.

Its a Scrape software designed to harvest your PC for information that Gaijin can sell, Its not just there for getting “Game Information”

Add on the fact it was sending a OUTBOUND Signal through my Internet before i ran it, i vowed to NEVER Do a Bug report after that.

Well, like I said, it’s not going to probably get fixed unless someone else makes a report or yourself…

In the mean time I vote for not getting upset at anyone so that no one gets chat banded…

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You mean DxDiag? It sends nothing - you have to attach the file, and I have run it dozens of times without any bother at all.

If you are having those problems then I suggest you got something else running… not DxDiag!

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How many aluminum foil hats do you have?


It has the same issue that all high tier heavies have. Its armor can hold up in down tiers but the heatfs and apfsds will rip it up in uptiers.

As for the apds, i find it to be pretty decent. Biggest draw back is the long reload. The round itself is able to one shot stuff but it will struggle with soviet heavies. For any medium tank, you can usually just aim center mass and be fine.

The funny part is that he wouldnt even need to run that for the kind of report he would have to make.

Assuming he is claiming that the armor values are wrong, he would just have to give a couple good sources that give the armor layout.

If he is saying that it doesnt have volumetric and needs it added, that would just be a suggestion post.

Both options dont require any sort of information about his pc or os


Because perhaps, just maybe, this is accurate armor thickness? You don’t seem to have any sources that say the contrary (besides “Multiple” books that say the mantlet armor is thicker than the rest of the armor (very informative)).

The other day an IS-6 shot my Maus exactly in the same spot as in your picture, and then my Maus got overpressure lol

Finally someone else who calls emoting doing a little jig