This map is a joke right?

Oh you guys love Eastern Europe so much that we copy pasted it but also removed half the map because who wants to do anything but press W anyways?

This isn’t even changing old maps, you had a chance to just create a functional map but this is literally how it’s designed this map from the ground up.

And at least make sure there’s a direct line to the enemy spawn, with their only protection being destructible buildings for effective spawncamping.

Added bonus to have a hill outside their spawn for EXTRA effective spawncamping…


All these hills and whatnot… super cool in a country that is known for being flat… almost like Eastern Europe is not the same as Western Europe.

Feels just like home.


Just stop making maps, this is a bunch of nonsense.


I think the Dev team should just start contracting people in the community to create maps!

Twice the production and twice the quality!

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Hmmmm… pressing W…. (jk)

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You VVILL smash into the enemy head-on
You VVILL knifefight
You VVILL not flank
You VVILL enjoy it
Now buy more golden birds


Had this map once at 10.0 lol I also ended up spawn camping the enemy team

These open maps that lead directly into the enemy spawn and the knife fighting city maps are the worst thing to happen to this game id rather continue fighting T-80U at 9.0 than play sweden or seversk-13 one more time

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Nah, then all we’d get are CQC maps or walking simulators.

“AKtuALY tanks engage at 10 billion light years from another, this is why we need space battles.”
A take I saw was 10 miles… like lol. 16km translated.
Tanks average engagement distance in deserts is ~3km IRL.
Most maps aren’t deserts.

I wasn’t even trying, it just naturally pushes you to spawncamp if you avoid the funnel, then there is almost no line of sight into anything due to several rows of structures, so you just end up at their spawn.

It is already blacklisted for me ingame

Man, I just wish Snail added more way to counter flanker like minefield or Dragon Tooth, which will be much more effective than just put a big, restricted zone. In that way, Flanker would be reduced in number, but will still have a way to counter attack. :(

Even our desert maps are not 3km in length to begin with.

Red Desert is 4x4km.
It has my 2nd longest range ground to ground kill on it.
First was spawn to spawn Euro Province at 3.3km using IPM1.

Is that even in the game anymore? Haven’t seen it in years.

It very much is. And its a good map

Exclusive to what BR then? Been at least 1-2 years since I’ve seen it.

Idk, ive seen it basically only 9.0+, which is the BR range it works best.


Yeah how long did it take you to end up there? Lol

Does it look like this yet?



I think Gaijin is trying to turn War Thunder into a MOBA

I wonder when they will add waves of AI tanks