This is the current state of RP rewards

Foldering some veichles will do the trick, sure
A kill is worth 93 rp, a t6 cost at least 200000… Buff % of rp gain by x3 that will fix the game every other thing mean just avoiding the problem

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Ground in general is whipped hard by bad RP rewards. Grinding planes and pilot RP is easy as cake compared to grinding tanks and ground crews.


the reward for ground battles sucks.


are you playing arcade?

Those look like regular ground RB rewards

93rp a kill is still wild for rb


For the amount of kills it’s reasonable since gaijin has a softcap on RP set

Idk much about rewards

Bulk of RP is from time spent/activity time, yes? SL comes from actions like kills etc.

(Basic overview but just look at the breakdown and where most RP comes from).

no rb

Yeah,once you factor in the kill rewards that are paid off by converting score to battle activity, which are counted separately in that scoresheet, it’s closer to 250 RP base per kill.

Kinda, a sub 10 minute game is going to net you laughable rewards compared to one that lasted more than 10 minutes if you played it in it’s entirety.

By about a factor 2.

the reward in terms of experience is too little Gaijin. if you only give 6k with a game like this, to a premium account sooner or later people will stop paying you gaijin. you can’t put vehicles with 400k experience to research, and only give 6k per game, if one has a good game like this. it’s a shame

i made a post about it yesterday, although mine was centered around RP gains in helis/planes when playing GRB. I got more RP for my tanks for getting 3 assists and being alive for 4,5 minutes, then i did for getting 7 kills in my Su-25T in 3,5 minutes. 2,2K RP for 7 kills is atrocious. 2,5k RP for 3 assist and alive for 4,5 minutes in a tank (which just shows that most RP gains come from time spent)

The Su-25T takes 511k RP to fully spade. I needed something like 232 games of 7 kills to get it spaded in GRB, while i can easily get like 8K+ in a 6-7 minute game of ARB.

RP is capped due to the largest chunk coming from “activity time”. Beyond that it is effected most by modifiers/Premium/Premiums.

SL from actions and RP from time in battle basically. And that is why RP gains often feel so low.

GRB is the least efficient way to spade an aircraft unless you plan to be in it for 20 minutes.

I just dont see why they make it so horrible to earn RP in Ground RB for planes/helis (well thats not true, its to make money). If you can play them in the game mode, they should make RP gains like normal.

I havnt played the a10 in a while, but what does that thing cost with AGM65’s? like 900SP to get in? and its so easy to kill with a 10-10.3 SPAA. 900SP i can spawn in like 4-5 tanks/spaa no problem.

One, there is an air mode for it (two if you go low risk PvE), and two, in the RB air mode you are in one vehicle only.

If RP is about activity time then you need to spend more time in it, so spend more time in it as currently that is what RP is linked to. I do not agree with it, it is just to be aware if the mechanics of a game.

oh i understand the mechanic. im just saying that i can grind the entire japan air tech tree in 4 days with the F4EJ ADTW in air rb, while it would take me months to do that in ground RB using the same plane. That doesnt seem fair

But what if you sit in that plane for the same duration on GRB? Flight time and battle time are shorter in GRB.

That is the comparison. A mode that you are in ons vehicle to one that is made of lineups and starts woth ground vehicles (mostly).

Not equal either. i gained about 1300 RP yesterday for being in the air in the Su-25T for 3,5 minutes. That would mean its about 2600 for 7 minutes (although im not too sure its linear and what counts as activity/time spent). While you easily get 8-10K for a full match of ARB at that BR in about 10 minutes.