This is something you'd see in a mobile game. What the hell?

It’s a terrible value, under disguise of ‘special offer’, before it was already a terrible deal with vehicle, but now it’s even worse. What is the market for offers like these? Mobile players that come into PC? Or mobile game deals leaking into PC?


This would be nice if it was remotely worth it. In what world is the worst booster 69 GE, and 50k SL is 105 with a discount. You’re paying over $2 for stuff you can get in a couple matches. Even with the tank included, it is still a horrible price considering it will be 50% off on sale.

That’s absolutely terrible value.


It’s predatory practices designed to get you to spend money on things that are entirely not worth it. I really dislike it, but at the end of the day, you can just do the smart thing and not buy it.


Looks to me like Gaijin have headhunted some marketing moron from Wargaming and he/she came up with this BS.


Nobody tell him.

Yeah, I’ve got one of these crappy deals, too. Looks like Gaijin’s hunger for $$$ is ever growing. Not that they would need that. Last year they were in the Top games by gross revenue Golden group on Steam. That’s top 24. IIRC they used to be in the Platinum group in previous years. That’s top 12…
Best of Steam - 2023

A vehicle you can get for free
A booster you can get from free
SL you can get from playing two matches with average performance with said vehicle
seems worth the 2.5 euros

I get those all the time, the decent deals are when it’s a single vehicle discount. I was tempted once by 30% off a Type 74 (G) I think but I’ll liekly never play Japan.

Welcome to War Thunder.
You didn’t think the casino motif of the hanger interface was an accident did you?

It’s not necessarily all that good at 9.3 either, it should just be 9.0 like the rest of the Type 74s, the Type 16s as well, maybe 9.3 for the one with the better pen but that’s still not very impressive and then the Type 93 could also be 9.0.

Currently every game is 10.3 due to the premium spam and as usual Japan pulls the short straw as their premium is 9.3 unlike all the major nations.

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The decent deals if you could consider it that…were when there was a thing called pack vehicles. If you are willing to spend oh i don’t know anything between 50 to 70 dollars.

The least they could do is at least offer rank 3 vehicles.

This is just a scam for people who aren’t knowledgeable about the game.

Thx, I’m certainly going to buy this… :D

its yet another ploy for monetization, i sorta like it but yknow gaijin a leech