This is probably the most accurate merkava mk4 armour layout




Ooh classified docs, don’t mind if I do.

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The base diagram of the bottom picture can be found on web pages as far back as 2004, and the version with the highlighted areas at least as far ago as 2018 - eg Merkava MBT (Izrael) | Page 34 | HTKA fórum

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Gaijin: not a bug

I made the 2nd pic a few years ago.

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It is in a reddit post from a year ago- asa link:


Also in this forum from 2018:

I don’t understand Gaijin’s logic. How to prove that the Merkava 4 has these values? Leaking documents, or review bombing, is that it? How about simply balancing the Merkava 4 to have a chance against Germany and Russia?

Despite all the movement on the forum for the Chally 2, it’s still a bad tank, while the Leopard 2A7, T90M and T80BVM are overpowered. Basically, the Merkava 4 is similar to Russian tanks in terms of not having decent depression, just for that reason alone, it should already have a buff in reload, turret, and armor.

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Hello, everyone, help me out. Start posting on the Russian forum; nobody listens to us here. If you have sources, please post them here or create a new suggestion topic. You can use ChatGPT to translate into Russian: Merkava Mk.4M - #263 от пользователя Columbus_13 - Наземная техника - War Thunder — официальный форум

T-90M is a good tank. It’s not Overpowered like the BVM and Strv 122B series.

The only reason I say that is because it has a 7.1 second reload with horrible reverse capability which often means you can’t escape danger like everyone else.

But yes, I don’t understand why tanks like the Merkava 4, Ariete, Leclerc, and Challengers are considered equal to these tanks you’ve listed. They’re far superior. Even the T-90M is still probably the 5th best 11.7 tank in the game.

A year later, the report has yet to be implemented
Before Gaijin goes out of business

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A whole year of many people posting proof and I’ve submitted a report myself not just on the merkava but the leopard not having its d tech composite. they refused both requests and called it not a bug. Gaijin will not fix it no matter what but will fully model Russian composite.