This is called equal access to information. rus vs international

Why does the Russian community have its own separate forum?
just replace the .com ending with .ru and we enter the Russian forum.

why am I talking about this topic, I regularly visit the RU version from time to time, there are topics where changes in the game are discussed, the administration takes into account the opinions of the RU version to a much greater extent and responds to those topics more often. They’re basically telling us that there’s going to be changes

in the roadmap they informed us that there will be price changes, no specifics. And how do they treat the ru version? Please look. Nicely written what will change and how much.

I seem to have encountered a similar phenomenon many times
I would love to know what other people think about this.


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Setting aside these xenophobic leanings, lets look at it from a more common sense & practical point of view. These Russian guys, living in Russia, made a military vehicle/war game and marketed it there is Russia . . . to other Russian guys, friends, family what have you. With a Russian language Forum & “Alpha testing” followed by a “Closed Beta testing” with international players. Upon seeing some success and deciding to move forward to making the game “International” in scope, they also made an “International” Forum for non-Russian speaking players/staff members. Nothing “covert” or “sinister” about it, just making moves & business decisions based on the data they gathered and Forum(s) feedback. Following the closed beta came the open beta which lasted a good while and I joined in back in Feb 2014, just after they went to the 5 tier system following the 20 tier original system. At that time, and currently as far as I know, just over half the entire player base spoke . . . . Russian, and much to many English speakers surprise . . English is a minority language used by players. The language used for the International Forum is English, as it is also the most commonly used language in international business concerns . . just how it goes.
Now you can call it “favoritism” if you like, but tending to the majority your customer’s needs/wants is never a bad thing and makes good business sense . . no matter where you are or where you are from. Sure, a lot of the stuff in game might could use some better translations here and there, but you kinda get used to it after a while & it is almost always for an event of something and goes away after a bit anyhow.
If you speak both Russian and English well enough to do some translating, maybe offer to help and English speakers might get more & better info in a more timely manner.
Gaijin, the Dev team & staff members will never be able to do any ONE thing that will make everyone involved happy . . just how it is. This has been proven over & over again with every Update, patch/fix or game changes that have come around . . C’est la Vie. Yeah, they’re Russians . . so what?? . . I am from Texas, doesn’t make me any better or worse than anyone else . . . . just where I happened to be born . . and that goes for each & everyone of us. Most things are not a “conspiracy” . . just people being people . . .


Large russian playerbase that can’t (or simply doesn’t want to) speak english, better to seperate into a different forum so there isn’t a mess managing topics


you are definitely right, that’s why you presented here the article in the english version with the price update which is the equivalent of the one from the ru forum.

it’s 2023, not 2014, the game has long since left alpha/beta.

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Yeah, well . … the times/dates & chronology were more for reference as to where the game came from and some reasoning as to why things are as they are. I’m neither promoting or condemning the ways things are, just being a bit pragmatic is all. And I understand where you are coming from as well. It is what it is . . . Gaijin has always kept things “close to the vest” and that’s ok too . . . world we live in. But yeah, a little more forthcoming here and there would be ok too . . . .

well… i know… but… the point is… that it… appears… as favoritism if you get my drift… which is not taken… kindly… by the player base…

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not taken kindly because EU and USA people pretty much hate russians or at least are harsh ( as second post )
Cyrillic is very different from latin/roman and since they speak cyrillic they have 2 forums ( the rest of the world understand english haha )

About this thread, I think he talks about price increase, maybe devs know how much in rubles but not in dollars/euro/pounds/ etc

Anyway, 1st and 2nd post both rant against russia, that would be the best reason to keep both forums separated

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The change of the 20 levels was in 2013 when there were only airplanes (1.37?), in 2014 tanks were introduced (Germany and Russia, 1.42?) and the current br system was already in place.
For the rest, I don’t know how things will be now, I’m very disconnected, I only know that on several occasions I was in the old Warthunder teamspeak to play a tournament and the treatment we were given for not being Russian speaking was not very cordial and indifferent. Total…but of course, those were different times, surely that would have changed.

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Translating into a language that has many different dialects & mannerisms is difficult.
Russian is a strict language spoken by few nations, whereas English is an International language & wording things is far more difficult.

This reminds me of days ago there’s been topics about hate towards Chinese, where someone asked why there’s no separate forum/server for them. You know Gaijin is a russian company so it’s not surprising there’s some favor toward russians. Besides there’s great language barrier between rus and the west, while average chinese can speak english, so russians got separate forum while chinese dont

The problem is that on their separate forum I met many times with information, answers to questions that were not provided anywhere else.

I remember many times during events when the “administration” answered various questions in the comments, while the English version of the articles even had incorrectly formulated requirements.

The problem is that this company has become international, it boasts in articles that it was probably the 2 largest tax payer in the IT sector in Hungary, despite the fact that they launder money in cyprus in some den. Apart from that, if there is any information or a request for an opinion, it would be nice if it went to everyone and not just a “selected” part of the community.

I’m not a Russophobe, I honestly don’t care which nation it is, I despise political correctness and if I see that “Hungarians” are treated in a special way, why should I not mention it?


can’t agree more. though they are trying to hide , it can’t change the fact that they are russian.


I am still disappointed that they managed to avoid sanctions just by pretending to be Hungarian based company.

maybe some day


I really don’t care if they have a separate forum, what wouldn’t be so good is if the devs have much more direct contact with the Russian forum than in the general forum, since they only listen to the opinions of the Russian forum only and modify the game taking into account more what they have heard in that Russian forum.Although I have seen the odd post in which they asked for things that made some sense, and it was not typical to ask that the Russian tanks be better or things like that. In fact, I even think I remember that they complained about the game’s damage model, which is The most reasonable thing you can complain about about this game, but apparently on that topic they do not pay attention to either the general forum or the Russian forum, the terrible damage model is not touched on.

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Well, you just can stop playing they game)

Nah, thats just not as things really are. Gaijin just not listening to anyone. Bug reps and suggestions from both forums are being thrown into trash bin. Some responses for bug reps on russian forum are so ridiculous, that they become a meme into community.

I’m not surprised.

what the fuck are you talking about, how the fuck is a simple currency conversion that they can just google is such a hard task for the dev, you need to be a special kind of idiot to not realize that.

No, thanks, how else I’m going to practice for the future? :3