This gotta move to 11.0

Aren’t both the same thing?

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It a pick up with missiles and no radar just bomb it or shoot it

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No gun for close range/reload time

Is literally only missiles

It does take some amount of skill. The lack of a RADAR means you require constant vigiliance, and low flying aircraft can force it into IR tracking, which can be defeated by flares. Consequently, popup attacks (Like the everpresent Su-25s constantly do with their nuke rockets) can be an effective counter.

Also, that’s implying that CAS at that tier requires a greater level of skill. Line up the sight on the target, hit the autotracker, fire the missile/bomb, wait a few seconds, collect free kill on unsuspecting target. Rinse and repeat. The skill of it comes in positioning, appearing and striking from unexpecting angles, which is more effective against the Type 81 than most due to the lack of RADAR.

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You can’t kill what you can’t see

Eh depends suprisingly though fog and clouds help with spotting because for some reason the plane is very bright white and contrails arent always there

Haha You have to be kidding me , CAS and Helis are so op currently that all SPAA should be acutally lowered to 10.3 to prevent that heli spam !

I mean, honestly its only real lineup is 11.0 anyway, if you are playing that at 10.0 you are mega gimping yourself since you’ll be running it with a single 9.7 Type 16 and then a bunch of 9.3s/9.0s. So there is practically zero difference whether it sits anywhere between 10.0 and 11.0.

on the flip side, yay finally japan gets a strong SPAA after being gimped for literally years with nothing but the Type 93 which struggles incredibly hard when uptiered out of its own BR.


Rolands have Radar and Type 81C do not. In the Roland, you only care about Air once it pops up on your radar. In the 81C, you’d have to crank your situational awareness to 100 cuz you have to worry about both ground and air, since you don’t have a radar, you’d have to be on constant lookout for air. And don’t get me start on predator drones cuz it’s impossible to spot without radar.


10.~ maybe… since it doesn’t have a radar.
but I do agree that it has one of the best missiles in the game
almost impossible to dodge unless you are at a very high altitude.