This game wasn’t ready for modern vehicles, and I argue it still isn’t

Please tell me why this game is in-fact prepared for it. when these issues are still not fixed. And with each new weapons more bugs form, That take the attention away from already existing issues so in short war thunder is becoming a buggy mess.
Also One more word
“voice chat is important for teamwork”

Now Just look at this video and think “is this fixed”. Majority of it will be “nope.”

Every other 4000 hour veteran can relate here:

Also this games WW2 era is slowly disappearing being replaced by modern or cold war SPAAs, tanks, or etc.


This is a semi joke post okay


Thank you for adding this. I was about write an essay.


Sort of true though. After about 8.0 where TT used to be there are a whole new set of issues/complaints that can be pointed to the addition of less player interacted elements (modern tech with LRF, high velocity cannon, thermals, etc.)

Smacking this tech with the same battleground as WWII and prior before really making the early game solid does seem to have created a lot of complaints.

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But not if we all speak different languages 😉 At least after 8 or so years they finally added an air alert…

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Are you sure? It sounds like WT crossed its natural barriers a long time ago and has been a runaway train in many areas since then.

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