This game plays like a Grind simulator, and has lost the charm it once had

Back when I first started playing this game, the air was filled with a huge variety of aircraft. Players employed tactics that favored their aircraft strengths, premium vehicles were a semi-rare occurrence, and the games had life to them, rather than being 5 minute head-on death matches. People actually cared about employing air combat tactics, instead of how fast they can get to top tier…

Somewhere along the line, tactful gameplay has been replaced by collecting trinkets as fast as possible.

Now days all you see is everybody flying the same premiums in a mad rush to the end. Gotta get that carrot! You barely see any variety. Not much vehicles from the actual trees in gameplay. Even your own teammates are your worst enemies, mindlessly clamoring for them precious kills, at the expense of good team play. Even a burning plane falling to the earth, isn’t safe from some starry-eyed kid abandoning all positioning and strategy to get that kill steal.

Gaijin is partly to blame for the premium vehicle culture they created, but the players are also to blame for allowing this culture to take hold. People care more about what the next top tier vehicle is, more than enjoying themselves on the way there. Then the next patch comes, and the mad rush for the new top tier continues. Just rush in, get a few points, and start the next match as fast as possible. “Tactics take too long.” is the common cry of the player-base.

It’s sad to see what War Thunder has turned into. The content has turned lame, and so has the player-base. But don’t mind me, get back in that premium you paid $70 for and grind, grind, grind!


People don’t enjoy themselves on the way there if it’s the 5th tree with the same vehicles in them, blackhole BRs with endless uptiers, poor lineup options, unbalanced BRs etc.

Gaijin added a 100 million RP and a 1000 vehicles to grind in just a few years, I didn’t grind a 100 million RP in those years nor did I get a 1000 vehicles so despite years of playing I have made negative progress since then.

The only way to progress is to just grind, which means buying a top tier premium and just grind game after game with them, otherwise you’ll be making miniscule progress and for every million RP you grind they’ll add 2 million RP back, mostly in copy paste vehicles and other boring garbage no one asked for, change the order of vehicles in the tree so you’re forced to grind more vehicles, increase vehicle tier to add hundreds of thousands more RP for the same vehicles, change BRs to destroy your lineups so have to spend millions of SL to make new lineups to constantly slow down and chip away at your progress.

If RP gain would scale with the RP demand we’d be getting a 100k RP per game, instead zero improvements to RP have been made in a decade, like with most systems, the crew XP system still doesn’t account for game changes from 2014 either like awarding 3x xp for arcade.


grind, grind, grind!!