This game news more than a handful of new vehicles each patch

I get it, new vehicles are exciting. New trees are exciting, but the game needs more than that. I have been playing this game for 7 or 8 years now. I do enjoy the game and I will keep playing it for the foreseeable future. My issue is this. The game feels stagnate. Grinding and grinding and grinding the next vehicle is no longer worth it. I don’t enjoy the grind. I don’t enjoy unlocking new things. I no longer wait for dev blogs and dev servers. New patches might get me to jump on and look around but I have realized this game is less about playing vehicles and more about collecting them. Recent updates for the economy were a nice surprise. The Cold War vs late WWII era decompression was a positive step, but an incomplete one. Then they turn around and add something like the VIDAR at 7.7.

Recent systems feel gimmicky, like the flamethrower tanks or dozer blades. They never feel fleshed out or more than something to get a little bit of excitement for a patch or two.

The main issue is, for as long as I’ve been playing this game, we are still having the same fights. Gaijin devs resist changing things they don’t want to change, no matter how much information or data we provide. Solid AP has been under performing for as long as I can remember. Bug report after bug report on rounds like T33 or M358 get ignored. Yes, ignored. You can’t tell me after nearly a decade, the ground devs are still unsure the reports are valid. I don’t expect performance to match millimeter for millimeter but what we have now is nowhere near close. APCR was heavily nerfed across the board. No explanation was ever given. Ammunition given to each vehicle seems entirely arbitrary. The same vehicle can be in multiple trees and have completely different ammunition choices, even at the same or similar BRs. Balance or historical use no longer seem to be the driving force behind these changes. It seems more like they get chosen and are permanently fixed, no matter how the game evolves.

Maps seem to be driven on how quickly they can end matches, rather than providing an enjoyable and challenging game play. I get not everyone wants huge maps and not everyone wants small maps, but a variety would make the game more interesting. I don’t expect to love all maps, but I would like to enjoy a portion of them.

Vehicle additions are also head scratching. Some vehicles get added when they are needed. Some get added when they provide no benefit at all. Some get added to multiple trees. Some get added to one, despite filling a need for others. Some get added when other holes are more of an issue. Some just seem entirely redundant.

I understand growth and expansion of the game are necessary. What I don’t understand is why it feels like the rest of the game gets left behind.


We need more game modes as killing someone and dying within 2 minutes of the game is not fun for everyone. People are just doing it because there are not different options


Start playing naval. Its totally different game than tank battles.

This is entirely based on your mentality. the game is still about having fun, and if you are not having fun, take a break, refresh yourself, and come back when you feel like it, dont feel obliged to keep playing if you are not enjoying yourself.


Gaijin has realized that you can distract the simpletons with new toys each patch, rather than actually improving the game…

I’d love to see a couple patches that strictly address game fixes, and improved PvP modes, over new trinkets to collect. But Gaijin’s chase the carrot marketing strategy distracts them from actually improving gameplay. And why should Gaijin care when the players only care about what the next top-tier candy will be?..Or the next new shiny $70 premium to help them power-grind the trees so they don’t have to actually play the game… 🤦‍♂️

We have hundreds of vehicles to play and spade. We don’t need new vehicles four times a year… We need improved gameplay with new targets, maps, and objectives to address the new technologies on these new vehicles.


I meant the game development itself. The core game play has not changed since it was introduced. They need to add different game modes.

I still enjoy playing. I play the vehicles I have but I bounce around the same handful. I just don’t have the patience for unlocking new vehicles and the stock grind.

I found an aircraft called the FolkeWulf Fw-187 Falke and im thinking it would be a great 3.0-4.0 Aircraft and should be added to the interceptor tree

The game is boring, the RGB mode was good, but they are ruining the maps thanks to the children’s crying. I’ve been playing since 2015 and basically nothing has changed. Just adding vehicles and effects, which is good, but we need new modes, especially ARB and new maps for GRB

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