This game is senseless

Recently i’ve been playing so much this game and is fun SOMETIMES. Recently if been getting really mad because of the game’s logic.
I was playing the M6A1 and I got shot by a M62 round here

I got killed but when I check the shot it says that its unable to pen.
Also, I was playing M4A1 76 W and I got shot on the top of the machine gun and it blew up my tank which also makes no sense

I’d like to have an explanation on why this happens and I’d love gaijin to correct it

My guess is that it hit a litte bit lower than where you are pointing. The cheeks of the hull are a known weak spot.

If it was the round that you show in the picture, it was overpressure. It is a rocket with a fair bit of tnt and it most likely had enough tnt to get through your weak top armor.


I penned a heavy tank once, from the front with an single AP round from a Marder. It just happened to enter some gap or through an optic/mg port.

Sometimes you get penned with weird shots, then there are times you will pen vehicles with weird shots. It’s War Thunder and it just happens.

The shot in your “shoulder” was probably not perfectly from in front of you like you are suggesting in the screenshot, but instead from off to the side, at which point that plate is facing flat toward them, not sloped away from them. That’s a classic weak spot of the M6 from a slightly off to one side “quartering” shot. The M6 doesn’t do very well at people shooting from slightly off to the side.

The second one is a rocket which is a high explosive shell. Wherever it hits, it searches outward in a sphere for any armor weaker than its penetration value, because it’s a small bomb exploding out in all directions. The M4A1’s roof armor is weaker than a Calliope’s rocket high explosive, so hitting your roof machine gun can blast in your thin roof from above and kill you. Same as if a small airplane bomb had landed on your turret’s roof.

Lots of things in game fling small bombs as their ammunition. A BR 1.0 sturmpanzer can shoot an HE shell at an American BR 5.7 Jumbo at the front of it’s turret mantlet, and the explosion will cave in the roof of the hull armor and kill it very easily, for example.

Both of these have very good reasons for them, though, those are definitely not bugs, there’s nothing to “correct”.

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