Thinking of playing my 3.3 germany ground rb lineup

I currently have the panzer 4f2 and G, thinking of getting the Marder 3H and just unlocked the stug 3f and puma. Are there any better tanks i should use?

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For 3.3 max, that is pretty good. Maybe add the kfz 251 spaa. The panzer 3m is also an option. The gun is a downgrade compared to the panzer 4 but you get a stronger turret. Just preference honestly.

StuH 42 is also a nice pick. Maybe replace the marder with it

Both such tanks are exceptionally good at sniping and overwatch of cap points, and will serve you well. The Marder is a very difficult chassis for some because of its thin armor and because it needs specifically good ambush positions and lanes of fire to hold down. It’s not a flanker, it’s a support sniper. On many maps in lower tiers, this proves to be difficult.

The Panzer IIIM happens to be one of the ‘best’ in its tier because of its strong armor, the additional plates to its sides avoiding HEAT rounds, and the 50mm gun with a rapid firing reload that allows you to quickly take apart enemies. I’ve carried it all the way up to 4.0 and still been able to do work as a back-up (though not often).


Switch to the USA, you haven’t invested that much time into Germany yet

Nah usa ground has garbage win rates and their top tier sucks. Not worth the grind