Thinking of adding Assault Mode missions for new nations

It should be a long time from the last update of Assault mode, either ground or air.
Since more and more nations are added in to War Thunder now, we should have new missions for new nations, for adding playability of assault and helping new players to know where are weakness point for these vehicles.
I’m planning for a suggestion about adding Air mission for China, Sweden and Isarel, and Ground mission of China, Sweden, Isarel and Italy, but still wonder which map is good for these nations
Also, exactly enemy vehicle type (Vehicle type in game could be found here) would helps a lot, since I haven’t meet all these vehicles in game and I focus on Air battle so know less about Ground battles.
Maps, vehicle list for each BR, for each nation. I also planned to remake Britain mission since it’s too hard now. And gaijin avoid F-16 and Me 163 in same air assault game plz!