Things wrong with the Mirage 4000 Thread

Same as RDM, just modified to work with 530D. It is used by Greek Mirage 2000Cs with 530D, and was planned for M4K.


That’s a big one, it needs to be able to do better than Mach 2 at 50k ft 3mn45s
Just tried it with 20 min fuel and managed M1.3 at 50,000ft after 3m45s, does seem way too draggy or underpowered, it doesn’t want to pick up speed at high alt

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So it only would get no regular PD only HDN modes? Sadness

we could also add the 2 missing 1000 KG LGB on the iner wing pilons

and the 10 x 250 kg LGB’s a bit all over the plane


Why does it not think of using fuselage to carry mid range missiles like others do? Strange.
Mirage 4000 should have the RDM-3 radar and Super 530D

Now the biggest issue for the M4K should be resolved. I’ll report on other things later on.


Thank you so much for your work, man


Thanks a lot! Now, if they are actually working on more loadouts that were just not ready for the dev server, that should fix most of the issues to make the plane competitive.

As for the bugs I noticed trying out the mirage 4000 for a while :
-Multibomb center pylon does not work
-gears don’t get destroyed in high speeds
-flares should be at least 250 with the 2 pods (depending on how the later reports go), but it only carries 96 when in game (I think it’s a copy paste of the 2000C)

Now, if the load out (aka 8 missiles or more), radar, countermeasures and a targeting/tracking pod gets added, this plane will be a good contender to the f15, and maybe even to the su27, especially since it will be good in both air and ground.
It has the best FM of the 3 by quite a margin (it outrates and turn better than both of them, but also f16C and Gripen in the dev server, so I think it’s the best rate fighter currently lol), and feels really responsive to fly, although you’ll spend half of your time blacking out when doing a small turn at 1000kph.
All in all, if it does not get held back by the bugs/inconsistencies mentioned above, it will be a solid top tier (at least until fox 3, which are confirmed to be coming in the next 2 patches)


I had to make a new separate report for the ripp speed:

As well as a report on the acceleration:


Actually I just looked at the Xray, and the current M4K doesn’t even use the M53-P2 engines, it currently has M53-5.

Can that kind of stuff be reported? Since it’s not really a historical inaccuracy.

The thing is it’s not called M4K “early” so I don’t think Gaijin plans to make 2 versions of it.


You’re confused. The M53-P2 is the latest and best version of the Snecma M53

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Yup, I’m quite tired and mixed up both names. the point still stands though

Also, I’d like a second opinion on this, but it appears to me that the first and third ASL30L that I fire are consistently in accurate. Does anyone else have that issue ? If yes, I’ll make a report on it.

Mirage 4000 should have the M53-P2 engines

if anyone of you has additional sources for the M53-P2, please share it!


idk if you have included the specific page of the Book, but i can always scan my copy if needed.

The webpage of the Musée de l’Air et de l’Espace, where the real Mirage 4000 resides, clearly states it is fitted with the M53-P2


Added it, ty!

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same issue

Okay I’ll make a report tomorrow

Agree,because mirage 4000 is research and development at same time with mirage 2000c ,early mirage2000c use m53-5 engine not m53p2,untill 1985,mid-1980s mirage2000 use m53p2.But,mid-1980s mirage 4000 project is lay aside,so i think mirage4000 doesnt use m53p2

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