Things wrong with the Mirage 4000 Thread

The links, bring them to me

yanked off a discord server, gonna see if the guy who posted them has it


it is a datamine apparently

I know, but this is some repo on github

I see R530D. There is hope

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no,United Arab Emirates mirage 2000-9 equipped m53-p20,which has better thrust



If you type in 530D on the search bar it appears near the top

Dood just here to say “I the greaat me don’t see wanna good pew pew on a proto aircraft” Even tho this proto lived and was modified up to it’s last instants in 1988.


because during mirage4000 research and development, mirage4000 dont take any real radar same weight added on radome.i think in warthunder,giv mirage4000 same radar as mirage2000c is fine

after 30 battle in this thing i can say, either or every player on devserver is super noob or this plane is god at dogfight. lack of 530d is paintful but at least 6xMagic can do job. If it will not receive biger payload (10/14missile) is should stay at 12.0. The radar work like dream. I have to fight with Mirage 2000 but this plane is very nice to play

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mica is equip on franch airforce 1996s,mirage4000 1996 is on aircraft museum…the missle mirage4000 can take is franch r550 magic 1 and r530f

You are embarrassing yourself mate


The acceleration of mirage 4000 is unrealistic,mirage4000 weight 13400kg,f15a weight 12000+,m53p2 mix thrust 9700kgf , mix thrust of f100 is 11000kgf+,they all has both engine but mirage 4000 has lower thrust than f15a,but in dev server,mirage4000 has better accelertion,which is unrealistic.

china man mad


if u can list the reason why i feel embarrassing?

I can, but I won’t


Because look to the maximal thrust by engine of the F-15 on the dev server

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yes,im chinese my english is not standard but i trust u can understand what im talking about

dev server should rely on the real history,f100 engine is much much better than m53p2 thats truth