Things we need in the next Patch no matter what

20 V 20 ground RB as the minimum Match size unless the Queue time exceeds 3 minutes then 16 V16. This is absolutely needed for game balance. I am sick and tired of being in 6 V6 matches or 11V11 matches. They are no fun. The maps are not designed for it and noone seems to like them considering that those matches are always ended by the first death of players as you never see a respawn in a 6 V 6 game and almost never in a 11 v 11 game.

Removal of volumetric from anything except for Bombs, missiles and shells above 154mm of calibre

Volumetric is a faiuled experiment. It does not work.
Some tanks are absolutely useless just because of Volumetric. Others loose almost every single weakpoint on tehir armour becuase of it.

None of this has changed since day 1 of Volumetric being added. It is abandoned by Gajin and needs to go. Pixel sniping is a much better alternative to this abomination of RNG and Bullshit.

At least the Pixel sniper needs skill to hit the pixel gap. Volumetric just ruins the game and makes WoT look like a game based on sience and reality rather than RNG.
Volumetric is nothing but RNG and the benefits are exceedingly small (almost every single benifit will stay with my proposal) while the bugs and downsides are gamebreaking at best.

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All I can think of is how small the ground maps are and how insane 40 peoples on it would be… And I don’t mean good insane…


You do realise that 24 v 24 is the current maximum we have? With 20 v 20 and 22 v 22 being a bit more common?
Like I am not asking for an increase, just a removal of the stupid “lets make 6 v 6 and fill it up for the next 40s so the Queue times look really small”, which does not always work because the MM is to basic to properly do it. So we end with a lot of 12v 11 or 14 v 11 or 13 v 15 games and such shit.

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20v20 minimum? lol No we don’t.

Removal of volumetric? Holy moly that is an insult to every skilled player in the game.
It is realism, and it works flawlessly. There’s no such thing as a “useless” tank due to volumetric, there’s only more well-armored tanks such as Conqueror.
Volumetric has no RNG.

The fact you claim deterministic characteristics are less realistic than WoT is proof you are wrong.

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There are literally hundreds of videos each day of volumetric fucking up.
There is not a single battle where volumetric does not work whatsoever.
Insult to skilled players? Those are the ones also complaining about volumetric.
20v20 is not the minimum. If that where the case it would be much better. As I said the minimum is 6 v 6

And again. We have numerous tanks which have lost their historic weakpoints due to volumetric. Panther mantlet and turret ring. T 35 85 D5T turret armour being bette rthan T34 85 turret armour just because of volumetric and many more. Most of the tanks with great armour due to volumetric now perform far better armour wise than they did historically.

You are by no means a good enough player to make any such arguments as “insult to good players”. So youd better stop and face reality.

In the years since volumetric has been introduced we have had millions of complaons in the forums, on reddit, ingame, on youtube and many other places. All without any reaction from gajin and the same day 1 problems exist today withoit any change.

And this is once again you living in a fantasy.

If Volumetric would work like it should true. But it does not work in WT. It is a buggy mess and Gajin has no interest in fixing it

No, there are videos every day of people wiffing shots.
Wiffed shots is not “volumetric banned word up”, it’s volumetric working as intended, to prevent shots that wouldn’t pen from penning. That’s the purpose.

Yes, which is good. Unrealistic weakspots from the days WT was less realistic needed to be removed via realism. That’s once again the point of volumetric. That’s what makes volumetric GOOD.

2:1 isn’t good? You do realize that 2:1 means a player exists out there with 0.5:1 right? Since AI isn’t a thing in ground battles. And 2:1 is actually below my average KDR.
Arguing with stats is silly & something I won’t do as they’re only a potential indication of skill.

There are no bugs with volumetric itself.
If there is a bug, it’s due to something else, but it’s irrelevant to volumetric ammunition.

20v20 should never be the minimum as I said in my previous message. You can argue for 8v8 minimum, but 20v20 is ridiculous for the map diversity we have.

No. Those are entirely different videos.
A shot on the T 34 turret ring vanishing from existance is not “realism” it is volumetric fucking up.
You are making impossible to defend claims.

You ignore the fact that I said “HISTORIC” weakspots. Tanks loosing those is a travesty and the majority. Almost no tank gained a historic weakspot but almost all lost some.

Yep not good. But thats just my opinion and as usual peopel liek you who argue with their stats are not to be taken serious in any kind of discussion.

Proof? There are many bug reports with evidence on the official sites as well as coubtless videos on reddit showing vanishing shots, or impossible bounces and so on. A great example is that every shot hitting the top of the frontal armour of the Tiger I (the overhanging part) can not pen the turret ring of the Tiger I. Yet this was a big weakpoint of the Tiger I and Tiger 131 was taken out exactly by such a shot from a fairly low caliber round at that. So there is no way a russian 122 shell would just vanish after clipping that part, but it does almost every single time in game. Why? Because Volumetric stops working. In some cases the shell will bounce straight down and into the driver. In others it bounces up at 90° and plays AA shell. And sometimes it outrigh vanishes. And sometimes it goes through and pens. So where is there no RNG?

You said “we dont have 20 v20” learn english or sth but you did not say “we should not get 20 v20”

And as I said the maps are designed for 24 v 24. As that is the maximum Gajin has. The maps are not designed for anything below 18 v18 at all. They are to big and the game modes do not work with to little players as simple game design dictates.
For a team deathmatch you need at least 10 people per team for our map sizes (Battle mode)
For Domination (base mode) you need at lest 6 players per cap, or 18 players per team. So the minimum needs to be 18 at the least.
For Conquest (king of the hill) you would firstky need proper maps and then at leat 10 players per team depending on map size.

Those are industry standards and proven in reality. Anything lower harms gameplay.

Your takes are as usual based soely on your feelings and not based on reality

Since I never argue with my stats, thanks for the compliment & warning not to take you seriously moving forward.

And no, WT is the industry standard for war games simulators.

Not volumetric.

Don’t hit the roof armor/tracks.

You mean the horizontal roof armor that goes back to the turret ring.
It was an unrealistic weakspot that volumetric fixed, which is realistic. You’re literally complaining about realism.
That’s volumetric working as intended, no issue.

All shots are deterministic. Shooting the same exact spot from the same exact angle gets the same result every single time.

You just want to lolpen everything instead of learning the real weakspots of tanks.

Yep your very first point is a stat argument. Then you double down on it. True you added that “you do not believe in arguing with stats” after it. But that is absolutely hypocrisy considering you twice before argued with stats.

Not by a mile.

And my points are about the game modes in general which you will never find in a war game simulator or any simulator for that matter.

WT is a PvP war game with models based in reality. It is not realistic and does not strife for that much realism