Things that annoy me

I can look past a bunch of things, but the two things that absolutely drive me up the walls in this game are -

  1. Gaijin bringing out a radar update causing things to break. Air & Ground radars at the moment feels like it is made by EA and I need to buy a DLC for it to work.
  2. Console players using their lock assist to sit in AA and spam air spawn in GRB when RADAR can not lock that range.

I can deal with floating trees, I can deal with ghost shells, I can deal with objects de-rendering at less than 900m and I can deal with minor vehicle inaccuracies but that ^, that gets me.


console players on aa is def a little sus. I saw they can set a key bind that follows a target even in realistic battles. Some things that get to me are also the teams cause you can 1 team full of skilled fellers and then you get a team full of braindead strike fighters that die as soon as the first enemy is seen.

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Ye friend game me a bit of a demo on how OP the console lock is - most maps they can snap onto someone through a solid mountain.

Team based I can deal with - there is no skill based matchmaking (please do not make it a thing, queue times for battles will be death). Dying is part of the game, dying to game bug that is something else.

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