These Naval Players Have One Thing In Common, What Is It?


PS: They were all in the same battle as me… proof:


This same scenario is repeated over and over and over yet nothing is done… I take it we can all do the same without consequence now? Clarification is needed.

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What is the problem you’re complaining about??

They are all level 100?

I can’t tell from the picture - it’s too small and blows up fuzzy - and if they are… so what?

My thoughts exactly. It was the only “thing” that registered.

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They all play naval. What did I won?

Apologies for the collage I thought it would make it easier to read. This new forum says otherwise…

Anyway, out of 32 players in the battle 25 looked suspicous… not a good look for the game

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So you’re complaining that they’re bad to good players?
There was maybe a couple bots in your screenshots, the rest were real players.
And botting is a Game Rules violation regardless of who does it.
Banning botters won’t reduce numbers until a permanent fix is discovered.

A lot of these players are from countries with limited hobbies. Video games being their ONLY hobby.
When you only have one hobby, you can dedicate more time to it.
And as far as I know there are zero OP premiums. Not even my Blag is OP.

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Keep calm and dont insult others users.

If you think they are bots, just report them on the replay server where the modos can see theire in battle comportements.

Cry here serve nothing. Worse, YOU can be sanctionned for denonciation, even if, i agree, bots are a problem in the game.

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I think it’s clear by now that reports aren’t really doing anything.

Either they can’t handle the sheer number of reports, or for some reason don’t want to take care of botting problem and don’t see it as an issue.


It’s neither. They’re obviously working on a permanent solution, which takes time.

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Trust me, report works. But that take time between bots and cheaters …

I dont know a permanent solution for erase botting… maybe you have that?