These narrow map versions are an abomination!

This is nothing short of an abomination!
Can we PLEASE get rid of these narrow versions of the maps?
Personally, I would suggest retiring whoever came up with the idea.


Oh god, that looks god-aweful. Ive yet to encounter a map like that, but I doubt I would bother respawning if I died.

Maybe take away the BR revisions and map updates from the interns would be a start. This company is going down the shitter with it’s “balancing”.


You’re delusional. Gaijin chiefs love them, so you love them too…


I noticed those maps more at higher-top tier than in lower tiers, which is quite ironic.

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Im basically only playing 10+ these days, but Im barely playing GRB at all at the moment. So I think ive just gotten lucky


Everytime i wanted to play long range maps when im playing with top tier toys i always gets this map somehow.

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Not really. I just wish the would have communicated it or the no-go terrain were better marked.